Why sleeping on two pillows is a bad idea: health and omens

At all times, a person’s dream was a mysterious and mysterious phenomenon. Despite the fact that this is the most common physiological process characteristic of all living things, people have always given it a mystical meaning. It has long been believed that it is very important to pay attention to the proper organization of the place for your night's rest. According to folk signs, you need to be careful about the number of pillows and sleep only on your own . Otherwise, it can promise serious illness, setbacks and loneliness.

Who and why you can not sleep on two pillows

Superstitions say that in no case should you sleep on two pillows at the same time . The sign applies to everyone, regardless of gender, age and marital status. The difference is only in the result, which affects the life of one who nevertheless decides not to follow popular wisdom.


Most often, it is lonely people who are in search of their second half who are given advice to sleep with one pillow. If there are two of them, then this is a sign that, as it were, demonstrates to the forces of the universe independence and self-sufficiency . The place of a potential partner is taken, which does not bode well for getting rid of loneliness and luck in amorous affairs.

In addition, the sign says that people's troubles will not be limited to personal life. There may be problems in work and relationships with colleagues.

Reference! In the East, on the contrary, it is believed that two pillows in bed are a kind of talisman that attracts love to life.


Superstition applies not only to single people, but also to those who have been married for a long time.

  • If a married lady sleeps on two pillows, this becomes a harbinger of an early ailment . The disease can affect the woman herself or her children, close family members. It will take a long and serious treatment, especially if you do not remove excess objects from your bed.
  • If a married man ignores the omen, then there is a high probability of a situation arising, due to which he will lose a large sum of money . Financial problems will arise until he leaves only one “headrest” for himself to sleep.


It is said that it is especially harmful for children to sleep on two pillows. A child can grow up withdrawn and incapable of normal communication .

In addition, our ancestors believed that if there are two pillows in the baby’s bed, then after a night’s sleep, the soul will not be able to return to the baby’s body .

The elderly

Not bypassed the omen sign and the elderly. For them, such a dream can be convenient and comfortable. But at the same time, it promises disappointments in life, adversity and various diseases .

What happens if you sleep on two pillows at once

Like it or not, but according to ancient superstitions, a dream on two pillows draws grief, misfortune, ordeals into the life of any person . In addition, the fate is influenced not only by the quantity, but also by the color of this bedding.

Color matters

On two white ones . The use of two white pillows can be a harbinger of love failures and unwanted sexual intercourse . It provokes distrust of people, their incorrect understanding and, as a result, an error in choosing a partner.

On two pastels . Pillows of delicate bed shades of pink, blue, lilac promise trouble for all members of the human family . In addition, they predict boring and uninteresting communication, failure in business, cause despondency and apathy.

On two bright . But the bright colors (red, yellow, blue) of bedding attract hard tests, sudden quarrels and emotional problems .

On two black ones . Sleeping on two black pillows can be very dangerous to your health. According to superstitions, it promises the occurrence of serious illnesses and their long and ineffective treatment .

Size Impact - Positive

Do not forget about the importance of the size of the pillows.

  • Two are small . Using the little ones helps to gain new knowledge and enjoyable experience.
  • Two big ones . But the big ones prophesy for lonely people an early wedding and happiness in family life.

Surprisingly, nothing is said about the negative significance of this or that size in folk signs.

Are pillow superstitions rational? A moot point. But not one generation for hundreds of years believed them. People compared the facts of their life and accumulated worldly experience. Perhaps the wisdom of the people will be able to help the modern person in a difficult life situation, when everything literally falls out of hand. It’s not in vain that they say, “according to your faith, let it be unto you”.