DIY doll backpack

The backpack is a versatile, convenient and practical accessory. It complements the image of any fashionable, active woman. It is not surprising that small (and not only!) Fashionistas wish to have a backpack in the wardrobe of their favorite doll. After all, you can put things you need so much into it!

You can make a backpack for a doll with your own hands, including imagination and imagination. It is important to decide: will the accessory be only decorative, or can objects be put in it? Based on this, it is worth choosing the material and tools for the manufacture of our future backpack.

Materials and tools for manufacturing

A puppet backpack can be made from different types of fabric: denim, dermantine, felt, foamiran, linen, leather, suede, velveteen, wool. In this article, we will tell you how, based on a simple model of a backpack, to make such a wonderful product.

To make the backpack, we need the following materials and tools

  • Foamiran (lilac and beige).
  • Thin lining fabric (thin knitwear).
  • A needle with a small eye, thread in color.
  • Transparent instant glue.
  • Two beads.
  • Velcro.
  • Sheet A4, a simple pencil, scissors, a ruler - for making patterns.

How to make a backpack for a doll

Having prepared everything we need, we get to work.

Details of the backpack and their pattern

In order to sew a doll backpack, it is necessary to make its pattern. Let's look at the original model and determine what details we need to cut out for its small copy.

  1. Bottom.
  2. Base.
  3. "The lid."
  4. Two straps.
  5. Handle.
  6. Lining.

To determine the size of the backpack, make the necessary measurements on the doll itself and mark the details on sheet A4. This is done so that the backpack is not too small or too large for our fashionista.

We recommend the dimensions of the parts presented: base 10x4 cm, bottom 3.5x1.5 cm, handle 3x0.5 cm, webbing 7x0.7 cm, cover 3.5x3.5 cm.

Our backpack will be pulled together with woolen threads (for example, Alize baby), decorated with beads in color. Our accessory will be fastened with Velcro.

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

  • We cut out the received parts and transfer them to the fabric.

IMPORTANT! Do not forget to make allowances of 0.4-0.5 cm in size! Otherwise, the product will be smaller. We do not make allowances on all the details: we leave the straps and the handle without allowances.

  • We sew the sides of the base so that we get a cylinder. Sew the bottom to it with a seam inward. You can also sew the bottom out with a seam, this will add originality to the product . After sure, we turn the resulting part.

Tip . It is better to stitch the details with a “sewing” seam or a “back to the needle” seam.

  • We carry out a decorative seam “back with a needle” along the edge of our lid. To make the wrong side look neat, glue a lining of a different color to the lid . Sew the cover to the base. We attach the straps and the handle with cross-shaped stitches at an equal distance from each other. If desired, you can make decorative seams on them.

  • Sew in the lining. To do this, cut out the base from the knitwear, make a side seam, sew the resulting cylinder inside out to the backpack and sew the bottom.

  • We take two identical cuts of woolen thread and stretch from different sides of our accessory. Cut off the excess. Attach the beads. Glue Velcro to the base and lid so that the backpack closes without problems.

The backpack for dolls is ready! It is suitable for Barbie, as well as for other little girlfriends of the child. I am sure that you will get no less beautiful accessories for your favorites!

Useful Tips for Making a Doll Backpack

To make your product truly high-quality and unique, you can use the following recommendations.

  • As the basis of the product, you should choose a dense, but rather flexible, elastic fabric that can take different forms.

IMPORTANT! The selected fabric should not be "strewed".

  • To transfer the details of the pattern to the fabric, use a simple pencil for light fabrics or a small / white gel pen for dark ones.
  • We can connect the elements of a backpack in different ways: using a sewing machine; needle and thread; high-quality glue. Liquid nails are very convenient (do not forget about the glue gun!).

IMPORTANT! Cheap glue will not allow the backpack to serve for a long time, do not save on it!

  • The backpack can be fastened with a zipper, pulled together with a cord / thick thread / cord, closed with a button, velcro or button. Special paws for sewing machines for stitching zippers are on sale. They will help to quickly perform such painstaking work.
  • For decoration, use stickers, beads, beads, sequins, pendants, decorative buttons, flowers.
  • Be careful when making decorative stitches: they should be even and the same.
  • To keep the backpack in shape, inside, to the sides and the base, you can glue a thick cardboard.
  • If you stretch the thread with a loop, as many embroiderers do, you will get rid of unnecessary knots inside the product.

The main thing is to surrender to the process with all your heart! Only then you will get real pleasure from the work done!