What is composite leather in a bag

It is well known that bags made from natural materials are valued much higher than from artificial ones. However, consumers who are interested in the composition of the product, every now and then see the phrase “composite skin” and ask the question - what kind of material is it and is it natural?

What is composite skin

If you describe the process of its production briefly, then this is compressed waste from the leather industry. Since they still consist of leather, the material obtained in this way can be called natural.

It can be produced using the following technologies:

  • the final canvas is created by gluing small leather pieces left at the end of the production process;
  • the material without using an adhesive base is subjected to high pressure under a press, as a result of which a single whole is formed;
  • the residues from the tanning industry are heated in water, and then rolled into a canvas on special rolls.

Reference! As a rule, leather trim and strips left after dressing are used for its manufacture; products not suitable for subsequent consumption and restoration (with the exception of shoes); as well as leather dust, powder and flour, used to create the effect of artificial suede.

Features of composite leather bags

This material is easily amenable to any processing, including painting, polishing, varnishing and metallization, so in appearance it does not differ from ordinary leather products. However, its significant drawback is the lower strength properties, wetting and lower quality at temperatures below 15 degrees. That is why manufacturers are not recommended to make bags entirely from pressed leather. To reduce the cost without compromising consumer characteristics, the inside of the bags and their handles are created from this material.

Differences between genuine leather and compositional

Despite the fact that the composite material can be called natural, it passes air worse and practically does not stretch, and also demonstrates a shorter lifespan.

But, as was said earlier, it is best to purchase bags made by the extruded method not completely, but only partially. In this case, you will receive a product that does not differ in its characteristics from a completely natural product, either externally or functionally, and at the same time significantly save.