Why put a bandana under a cap

Bandana and cap - they are so different in everything. Each of these hats has its own history, wearing traditions. They are hard to imagine together on one head. The older generation is perplexed: why do young people put on a scarf and a cap together? But, nevertheless, such a combination in recent years is more likely to be the norm than an elaborate exception. Why did this strange tandem arise?

Traditional use


From a long time ago, the cowboys defended diagonally folded piece of fabric from the dust raised by the herd . They were worn around the neck like a scarf, if necessary they covered the face or tied it on the head in order to protect oneself from the hot sunlight.


A convenient and practical soft hat with a large semicircular visor in front and a fastener at the back came to us relatively recently from sports arenas . American baseball players wore them to protect them from the blinding sun. And the fans wear caps in its colors to support their favorite team.

The origins of a new tradition

To the question of where this tradition came from, there is no reliable answer. There are several versions of this mod.

Version One - Historical

Something similar was worn on the head of slaves to pick cotton. Two protective layers on the head at once helped to withstand difficult weather conditions.

  • In the heat, the fabric absorbed and held sweat, which somewhat cooled the head.
  • The visor on the cap gave a shadow to the eyes, an additional air gap protected from overheating and heat stroke.

Version two - musical

Caps and baseball caps quickly migrated from sports arenas to music ones. Therefore, it is music that is considered the very unifying motive.

Reference! At the beginning of this century, African-Americans who performed hip-hop began to use a headband - dyuraga - to protect their lush hair .

However, they did not part with the usual baseball cap, putting it on top of the bandage. The rapper at the concert also works in difficult conditions. The heat from powerful Jupiters, their blinding rays cause profuse sweating and burning eyes.

Perhaps to protect themselves from the effects of heat and light, African-American rap artists began to tie a bandana and wear a cap with a large flat visor on top of it. Convenience is certain - nothing hinders the cap, it sits like a glove.

Who and why wears a bandana today under a cap

The production need forced the rappers to create a hybrid of two heterogeneous hats, or a desire to stand out among their colleagues, but this style took root.

  • Following their idols, many rap fans began to wear bandanas and caps at the same time. So from the stage, fashion stepped into life, subdued adolescents and older people in many countries.
  • However, the convenience and practicality of the combination of bandanas and caps has long been appreciated by many who have to work in the heat most of the day .
  • Tourists did not stand aside . The visor protects from the sun or rain in the eyes. And in the heat, the fabric can be moistened, and it will save the head and neck from the sun.
  • Bandanas are popular among bikers and American football players who tie them under helmets. There are aesthetic and practical components. This combination prevents hair from scattering, absorbs sweat and prevents hair from sticking to the forehead.

Such a practical fashion that provides additional comfort will surely exist for many years to come.