Why hang red panties on a chandelier

Signs and rituals have existed since ancient times. Until the present, few survived in their original form, some disappeared, and some simply transformed. So, having gathered the giving of antiquity to the deep, in the modern world a ritual has appeared with red panties on the chandelier.

Where did the sign go to hang red pants on the chandelier

This ritual arose in the simoron system. This system is a modern movement that preaches renunciation of all rules and religions. The following concept exists in it: a person can control the universe so that it fulfills all his desires. But for this it is necessary to carry out certain rituals with a specific energy.

This ritual also has other roots:

  • In all ancient faiths, the red color was considered the color of health, long life, rapid energy.
  • According to the psychology of color, red has a powerful energy, it can greatly excite the nervous system, attract attention, increase concentration.
  • In the beliefs of many nations, red symbolizes wealth and prosperity.
  • Underwear is considered a sacred thing containing the owner’s strong energy. For example, in Turkey there is a tradition to celebrate the New Year in red shorts to attract prosperity and wealth next year.

So, the trawl with red panties on the chandelier has quite extensive roots. With color it’s clear why underwear is also. But what does the chandelier have to do with it?

Why hang red panties on a chandelier at home

Perhaps you have observed this phenomenon at home with your friends, relatives or acquaintances. In order not to ask them uncomfortable questions, we offer you an explanation of this ritual.

On a note! The ritual is considered sacred, so do not ask questions about it, especially with ridicule.

It is believed that red panties on the chandelier contribute to the fulfillment of innermost desires, bring money, love and prosperity to the house. A chandelier is the center of the room, because it is usually located in the middle of the ceiling, and the energy from the cowards from this place can be evenly distributed throughout the room. Therefore, they choose this particular place for spreading linen. With the components sorted out. Now about the tradition itself. For the desired result, the ritual must be performed correctly. What does it consist of?

Money Ritual

The first thing the red cowardly ritual is used for is attracting money to the house. To do this , perform a series of the following preparatory steps:

  1. First, visualize the goal in detail. Imagine that you already have what you want. Indicate the exact amount or what increase you expect at work. Also determine why you need money, for what purpose. There should be no vague desires, only clear goals.
  2. With thoughts of money, you can go buy red underpants. They must be beautiful and like the hostess.
  3. Next, wash your underpants. This is best done using citrus oil. If not, use ordinary laundry soap. The main thing is to rid the thing of excess energy. When washing a thing, treat it carefully and do not rub it hard.
  4. Dry the item and put it on the next day. In underpants you need to go all day. Try to avoid negative thoughts and conflicts on this day, and think more about the purpose of the ritual.
  5. After the day, wash your panties again and hang them to dry.

When the thing is dry, you can begin to perform the ritual itself.

Important! During execution, follow the instructions exactly, performing actions with complete faith and without hesitation.

The ritual itself is as follows:

  1. First, the preparatory stage follows to tune in to the correct energy wave. To do this, put on red shorts on your head, turn on fun music, and perform an arbitrary dance. It is desirable that the music have oriental motifs and be without words.
  2. Now remove them from your head and lay them on your foot. Because how to throw panties on the chandelier you need a foot. It is advisable that they catch on it the first time. But if that doesn't work, catch them before they fall to the floor. During the casting process, you need to sentence "Cowards on the chandelier - money in the house."
  3. When the garment is on the chandelier, say loudly and confidently: “Poppero”. Put all faith in the ritual and its result in this word.

Cowards can hang in their place indefinitely. But it is better to remove them once a month, wash, wear, wash again, and hang them back.

On a note! The best day to conduct a ceremony for money is Thursday.

Attraction to the house of love

Since red is the color of passion and love, it is able to bring a meeting with the second half. Actions for this purpose are somewhat different from the previous ones.

  • Wash panties with sea buckthorn soap or with sea buckthorn oil, not citrus, as in the first case.
  • You need to introduce your chosen one in the details: height, weight, hair color, eyes, etc. You can also imagine joint actions.
  • During the ritual, you can say: "Panties on the chandelier - a man in the house."

Otherwise, the actions are no different.

Features of the ritual

The main thing here is faith and strict adherence to instructions. If you are confused by something in this ritual, then it is better to refuse it altogether. For why is all this if there is no faith in its action. This is the main feature and guarantee of success.

Whether the ritual has a real action cannot be said for sure. However, most reviews speak of its real strength. And believe it or not is your choice.