Why carry a backpack in front?

A backpack today is a convenient thing that city dwellers have appreciated. It is significantly superior to waist bags and shoulder bags in terms of volume. Most often, backpacks have a large capacity, so you can carry with you more different and very necessary things. For example, in a backpack you can carry a laptop, a sports uniform, go shopping with him. At the same time, it acts as a fashion accessory that complements your look well. And sometimes it can surprise others. For example, if you hang it not on your back, but on your chest.

Traditional ways of wearing

There are many ways to carry a backpack.

On two shoulders

The most common way to wear this accessory is to wear a shoulder strap on each shoulder from the back .

Important! Do not overload the bag with things! Wearing heaviness on the back for a long time is harmful to health.

You can modify this way of wearing by adjusting the straps. Most people prefer the bag to be at back level. But there are those who loosen the straps so much that the accessory almost reaches the heels.

On one shoulder

Another popular way to wear is to put the strap on only one shoulder. In this way, young people most often use it. It is both fashionable and convenient. Need to get something? He threw the bag from one shoulder forward and quickly took out the right thing.

Important! Doctors do not recommend constantly carrying backpacks and briefcases on one shoulder. This way of wearing can ruin your posture and lead to pain in the back. It can also cause headaches if the weight is too large.

Perhaps it is worth paying attention to the fact that a cultural person, being in transport, will necessarily take off his backpack so as not to hurt people standing next to them.

Backpack in front: why wear it so

If we have long been accustomed to the above methods, then carrying a backpack in front for most people is simply pampering.

Many recall their school years when school bags were worn on the stomach and used to ram classmates. Yes, and today's students are not far behind, putting on backpacks and satchels in front as a joke.

But some people still carry a backpack in front.

Reference! A similar method of carrying backpacks is very common among residents of China.


This method of wearing has its advantages.

  • Firstly, with large crowds, this allows you to better monitor your things . Everything is before my eyes, nobody will drag anything away.
  • Secondly, if you need to get the right thing, then you can do it much faster .

Despite the seemingly ridiculous version of wearing, the practice of the Chinese can be adopted by the townspeople of other countries. Surely they will soon also put on a backpack in front in some cases. For example, you can carry the bag on your stomach in the subway and in other public transport.

Does this method seem convenient to you?