Why are heels washed on the outside?

Again heels stumbled! Shoes again in need of repair. It seems to be choosing high-quality, but everything repeats again and again. Why is this happening? And why is the heel erased somehow unevenly?

In general, experts argue that the sole and heel of our shoes should be worn equally over their entire surface. But in reality, most often one part wears out more than the other. Moreover, in which area there is a lot of deterioration, it speaks not only about shoes. This is information about our state of health, traits and habits.

What the worn heel says to doctors

The main point is the medical component. It is weariness that shows the incipient anomaly in the setting of the foot .

Important! A slight difference in weariness from the outside is not a reason to worry, everything is in order with your health. If the wear angle is larger or it is located on the inside, then it is worth contacting a specialist.

This will help to identify problems and fix them in a timely manner. Since if you do not fix the defect that appears on time, it will develop into a serious disease. The later you start treating the disorder, the harder it is to fix it.

What determines the wear side

The location of the abrasion depends entirely on the following reasons.

  • Flat feet is a disease in which the foot is completely flattened. Its entire surface is in contact with the support under load, and this should not be so.
  • Hollow foot is a congenital disease in which the arch of the foot is excessively high. With him, the ligaments of this area are very rigid and do not provide sufficient depreciation.
  • Pronation (omission of the longitudinal arch) or supination is a violation that occurs during movement. During depreciation, the foot does not take its original shape, the stress on it increases and its deformation occurs over time.

Reference! Any violation can be corrected using physical therapy, if you do not run it. To do this, you need a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon.

What does erasing from the outside mean?

Most often, the shoes wear out on the outer edge. As we said, a slight bevel is the norm.

There are several reasons for the large angle.

  • Many people believe that pronation leads to this. But not only this defect can lead to this condition.
  • Pregnancy During this period, the woman’s body weight increases, and the load on the legs increases.
  • Age . With each passing year, the load on the legs increases. Hence the occurrence of deformation.
  • Obesity Excess weight increases stress and causes changes.
  • Frequent bumps on hard surfaces . They also lead to weakening of the vaults. Basically, this option is peculiar to people involved in sports: runners or athletes.

Attention! Pronation often leads to the development of heel spurs.

What does erasing from the inside mean?

When there is a pronounced abrasion from the inner edge, this is a sign of developing supination (turning the foot out) . With this option, while walking, the leg rests on the inner arch.

If you do not take measures to correct the situation and do not treat this disease, then it can lead to the development of an imbalance of muscles, deformation of the joints of the knees and pelvis and, as a result, curvature of the spine.

What to do

All unpleasant consequences can be avoided by fulfilling 2 conditions.

1 condition is prevention . It consists of a set of physical controls.

2 condition - the right selection.

Important! It is better to buy shoes in the afternoon, since by this time the leg of most women changes in volume.

The purchased pair must be of the correct size. The leg in it should not "flounder" or be clamped.

What the worn heel says to psychologists

According to numerous observations of experts, the location of the erased area may indicate the nature of a person and his personality traits.

  • An equally worn out sole and heel indicate a reliable, energetic person with an even, calm character. Such personalities are ideal in family life .
  • Abrasion along the outer edge shows an imperious, purposeful individual who has leadership qualities, but is not without a touch of adventurism.
  • Abrasion from the inside indicates a weak-willed personality, a completely uninitiated person who prefers to stay away.

Here's how much information you can get by carefully looking at ordinary heels.