What to wear at a disco?

A club is a place where you can feel freedom in everything: in movements, words and clothes. Conservative clothes are not required there, you can give free rein to imagination and put on a bright, memorable outfit. There are always a lot of people in clubs. We need a stylish and different image from others. It is not enough to choose clothes; makeup, shoes and accessories are also important. Just picking up all this, you will create an interesting and harmonious image.

What is suitable for a disco in a club?

At the party you can be bright, catchy. But it is important not to cross the line of vulgarity and bad taste. The correct and skillful selection of things is the key to stylish images. It is not necessary to run to the boutiques, and buy new things. A sober look at the wardrobe will help you find what you need. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments.

If there is a dress code

Some clubs have a certain dress code . It can be associated with a theme party or general institution policy. Sometimes they demand that guests be in cocktail or evening dresses, and men in suits. Sometimes there are special requirements even for shoes.

Advice! Before going to the club, you need to familiarize yourself with the policies of the institution . But if free style is allowed, then any wardrobe item will do. It’s enough to successfully combine it with another and add stylish accessories - you're done.

Club makeup

Use evening makeup, saturated color shadows, highlighter . Shine will be relevant both on the lips and on the eyes. The expressiveness of the eyes is underlined by arrows .

Lips should be bright, but neat and well-groomed. Important measure: no need to apply the brightest shades.

Important! Decide on your color type and use colors that emphasize the best facial features.

90s style disco

Bright clothes with rhinestones or sequins will always be relevant in the atmosphere of the club . This trend may have originated in the 90s of the last century, but even now brightness is perfectly suited for a party.

You can also revive the image with the help of bright things or voluminous accessories . But remember that everything should be a measure. The rule “more rhinestones - more beauty and chic” does not work.

Important! Style is not to wear all the brightest and best, but to successfully combine clothes . A calm bottom will fit a calm bottom and vice versa. Do not be afraid to combine different prints.

Modern tendencies

A disco is the place where you can wear bold outfits that are inappropriate in other situations:

  • Ripped jeans are a comfortable and stylish solution. It’s convenient to dance in them, they can be combined with different tops and different shoes. The main thing is not to overdo it with a flaw.

  • Mini looks luxurious and sexy, but dancing in this form will not always look beautiful. It is necessary to choose the right length, which will show beautiful legs, but will hide everything unnecessary.
  • An open back and neckline will help emphasize the merits, but it is important to know the measure. Often a V-neckline is much more intriguing than an open one. A bare shoulder attracts more than a completely bare back.

  • Short shorts with print or sequins will look great . The main thing is to combine them with the right shoes and choose the right length.
  • Accessories will make the image complete. They can both complement it, and focus on themselves and revitalize.


A thin high heel is beautiful, visually lengthens the legs and emphasizes their harmony . But do not forget that you will have to dance a lot, and your heels will quickly tire of your legs . Choose no less interesting, but more convenient models. Perfect shoes with stable heels or wedges .

Even the most favorite shoes become unusable over time. Make sure that there are no scuffs or cracks on the shoes. Clean and comfortable shoes should be the most important thing .

Tips for becoming a dance floor star

A great choice is a shiny dress in neutral colors : white, silver, brown, black. It can be either mini or midi. The fitted silhouettes and combination dresses, A-line dresses look interesting.

Advice! A bold decision will be leather outfits . But again, remember: leather can be only one thing in the image. Various prints look interesting, but they should be appropriate in the general atmosphere.

Makeup can be evening, accenting the eyes and lips . Hair is easy enough to dissolve. Can be collected in a high tail. Fanciful hairstyles will be out of place.

Do not forget that beauty comes from within . If you feel confident in your image - go ahead. If something bothers - take a look, change clothes.

It is important to feel inner comfort . But you need an external one: a long night asks for comfortable shoes and clothes. Choose a comfortable outfit.

A disco in a night club is a great opportunity to relax, take a break from everyday activities and try on a vivid image that is not very appropriate for study or work.

You can be bright, catchy, but the main thing is to remain stylish. Only a skillful correct combination of things from the wardrobe and accessories will help to gain self-confidence and attract admiring glances. At the same time, remember that convenience should come first.