What umbrellas stars choose

Do you have a good umbrella? And are you still looking for the right one? Which reliably protects from rain, and adds appeal to the image. If so, then our selection of star accessories can help. Let's see which celebrity models choose for themselves.

Stars in the rain

Celebrities are people too. And also fall in the rain. What do they pick up in this situation?

Sarah Jessica Parker

Paparazzi caught the actress with different products: classic black, with a large floral print, a transparent model .

And by no means with all of them she looked as chic as with that very bright red umbrella in Sex and the City.

Angelina Jolie

The famous actress and model takes shelter from the rain under a simple monophonic dark brown umbrella.

Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson

And these famous beauties, it seems, do not want to hide their attractiveness, even if they are removed in bad weather! Therefore, they prefer transparent umbrellas.

Miranda Kerr

Australian supermodel can become a role model! Even in the rain, it retains elegance. A black accessory is the best suited for this.

And if you want to add brightness, she chooses a model in which black color is combined with bright orange.

Perhaps the stars, like all of us, sometimes just grab the first umbrella they have in their hands? Nobody wants to get wet. May be. But not always.

Alexa Chang

See, for example, what Alexa Chang looks like during filming.

Maria Menounos

Elegant young woman chose a voluminous dome. And rightly so! It will provide reliable protection!

Sisters Kardashian

It’s also important for famous sisters not to get wet!

What stars look like in ordinary life or in the process of filming, we saw. And if the rain caught during the celebration?

For the red carpet

The red carpet outfit is carefully thought out. And if an umbrella is required due to the weather, it should not violate the created image. Elegant classic helps out!

Cindy Crawford

See how spectacularly the accessory sets off the white star dress.

Lady Gaga

It would be strange if she did not use the accessory to create even more shocking bows!

Lady Gaga came out with more than one accessory, she was accompanied by several young people with umbrellas.

Diva herself did not deny herself the pleasure of posing with an open dome.

Katy Perry

The singer also distinguished herself a couple of times, appearing on the red carpet with very interesting gizmos to protect from rain (or sun?).

An accessory with the symbols of the British flag looked very interesting in her hands.

Important! The stars convincingly prove that even a simple monophonic umbrella can become an expressive and spectacular part of the image.

The first persons of the state and their umbrellas

There are people who are always under the gun and know about it. Everything in their appearance, including accessories, should fit into the public image. Every detail is perceived by society as a message. It is curious to see which models they use to protect against rain.

What do members of the royal family choose

The famous lover of umbrellas is the Queen of England. And the tastes of Elizabeth II in this area are not the most conservative.

Reference. Elizabeth II prefers transparent models with a bright border in the color of the outfit.

She has accessories with yellow, blue, red, mint green, black, white, purple edge. This, of course, makes her less prim.

Recall also Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton . They seem to love umbrellas very much. In any case, regularly appear with them in public.

In general, they are rather conservative in the selection of this accessory. Usually they are protected from rain by laconic black, brown, as well as transparent models.

Pay attention to how often they appear in pictures under a common umbrella! Usually this is a black model for two.

Surely this move is highly approved by their PR specialists. Under such a dome, these two immediately look like a couple in love with each other without memory.


One cannot but mention Vladimir Putin’s love for conservative black models.

But he is not alone in this. Heads of state most often appear with just such items.

What to choose for you? There seems to be no rule here! The main thing is that the accessory should be chosen with love. And then he will make any, even the rainy day, a little nicer.