What is Tiffany color and when did it appear?

Few have heard of the color of Tiffany, but everyone knows this famous jewelry company. The word Tiffany speaks of luxury. Of course, you can recall the classics of cinema - the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with the participation of the icon of style and beauty Audrey Hepburn. Let's see how the Tiffany color came about.

Jewelry company Tiffany

Three friends in New York decided to take a $ 500 loan to open their first fashion store. So in 1837 the company “Tiffany” appeared, where now there are a lot of goods on sale: from crystal to perfumery.

The cult was not only stunning jewelry, but also a signature shade. Title and color are protected by copyright.

The advent of color Tiffany

The shade chosen by the company amazes with its tenderness and unusualness. A spectacular combination of light blue with turquoise, pleasing to the eye. It was personally chosen by the founder of the company Charles Lewis Tiffany in the XIX century . for the cover of The Blue Book (1845), which is published annually. It presents a collection of the best jewelry.

Reference! Since ancient times, the color of Tiffany is also a shade of robin eggs. This rare turquoise color was very popular among jewelers of the XIX century. In the Victorian era, there was a tradition: the bride gave her guests turquoise brooches in the form of a dove.

Even fairs in Paris were decorated in this fashionable color. At first they began to use light turquoise in the pavilions, and later - for advertising company products.

The hue was so memorable that jewelry was packed in turquoise boxes with a white ribbon. So color became the brand name of Tiffany.

Tiffany Color Trending

The shade of Tiffany is close to turquoise, more precisely mint tones (a combination of blue and white). It is ideal for blondes and brunettes, it suits even dark skin, effectively shading it.

The delicate shade of Tiffany is back in fashion. Its unique beauty gives peace, so psychologists recommend more often to wear things of this particular shade. Light turquoise is combined with almost any tone. It can be a dress, blouse or jacket.

For those who want to find inner harmony and balance - this is an ideal option.

Spectacular Combinations

Tiffany is effectively combined with purple and lavender. Looks great on chiffon and silk.

It is better not to wear this shade completely, be sure to add at least accessories of other colors: aquamarine, mint tones.

Gentle Tiffany can be a soloist or an equal partner. It looks great with wine, violet, blue, even orange and other tones in clothes.

Important! Combination with red color is contraindicated. But all shades of blue or green - look advantageous.

The main thing is that the whole image should be whole and beautiful. Tiffany will decorate the wardrobe of any woman or girl. After all, the charm and tenderness of each to face!