What is a short coat

Today, short coats of various styles are very popular among women of all ages and complexions. With the help of a shortened version of the coat, you can successfully hide the flaws of the silhouette and emphasize the existing advantages of the figure. The variety of materials in which the product is sewn allows you to choose the short coat that is most suitable for the seasonality.

Short coat - what is it?

According to the value, the short coat is a shortened version of the coat, length from the middle of the thigh, but not below the knee. This is ideal for autumn cold weather. The floors of the shortened product will not get dirty in dirt and slush, while soft wool will pleasantly envelop warmth and add comfort to the look. The popularity of short coats is growing every season, so fashion designers from all countries offer a huge number of options and styles that will appeal to any fashionista.

Description, styles

A short coat is a product inherent in men's and women's wardrobe. The term itself only means that the coat is shortened and does not reach the knees. The styles of outerwear can be completely different, from classic to trendy and modern. Women are offered various design options, cut sleeves, flared models, styles under the belt. The fitted models perfectly emphasize the waist line, concealing the volume of the hips and the chest line.

Important! It is necessary to select a short coat not only based on the latest fashion trends, but also based on the advantages and disadvantages of the figure. Do not blindly trust fashion trends.

Having chosen the right style, the girl will definitely catch the admiring glances of passers-by. Stylish outerwear can successfully emphasize the chosen image and make the movement comfortable and convenient.

There are several basic, extremely popular now, styles:

  • jacket option (for owners of the classic taste in clothing, preferring severity and formality);
  • biker style (double-breasted product with stylish leather inserts);
  • a parka or jacket in casual style (this option is suitable for everyday comfortable wearing, excludes classic strict details);
  • “Cocoon” (the retro style is not suitable for everyone, but choosing the trendy long gloves to the short sleeve of the coat and high-heeled boots, the woman will always look elegant);
  • “Bathrobe” (ladies with magnificent forms will be delighted with such a coat, you can add it with a wide belt);
  • redingote (suitable for young ladies with perfectly even long legs with a thin waist, which the coat successfully emphasizes);
  • poncho (very convenient and comfortable, but very extravagant option, which is not suitable for everyone);
  • fitted coat with peplum (very feminine style, able to emphasize the sophisticated taste of the owner of a fashionable wardrobe).

There are many more models and styles that can be presented in stores. Women should choose the option that suits their figure and sense of style. The main thing is that the coat is combined with the selected images and shoes.

Features of cut, fabrics

The shortened coat can be sewn from various materials of natural or artificial origin. Among natural ones, the most popular are wool, leather, fur, fabric (for example, sheep’s wool, tweed, drape, mink fur, calfskin and others). Among artificial, synthetic fur and leather, as well as raincoat fabric and boucle are especially popular.

The cut of the coat can be completely different:

  • fitted;
  • "tulip";
  • straight;
  • flare;
  • with smell;
  • asymmetric and others.

Also, a short coat can differ in various decorative inserts and styles of cut sleeves. This part of the product can be short, ¾ or full length. Belts, belts, patch pockets and many other elements are also used.

What heaters are used

Products for cold autumn and winter are made using insulation, natural or synthetic. The most common are sheepskin, wool, goose or duck down, as well as artificial materials (for example, synthetic winterizer, hollofiber, isosoft, fleece and others).

Important! In general, a short coat is designed to be worn on cold autumn days, but when using additional insulation, such a coat can also be worn in winter conditions.

For which seasons is it intended

A short coat is not considered the universal thing of a woman’s or men's wardrobe. Its cut and the material from which it is sewn directly determine the seasonality of a thing. So distinguish:

  • summer (the optimal warm version of soft wool or velveteen, designed to be worn on cold summer evenings, as well as for late spring and early fall);
  • insulated (quilted coat or down jacket with insulation inside, which protects on cold autumn days and in warm winters);
  • demi-season (without insulation or with a small amount of it, intended for warm spring or autumn).

Various models and stylistic solutions for designing a short coat allow you to choose exactly the option that will suit the familiar style and chosen image, as well as emphasize the figure. The shortened model always looks elegant and very feminine.