What pants will be relevant fall-2019

This year I am waiting for autumn as a holiday. I really do not like to freeze my ass in skirts, even long and insulated. Therefore, before the cold weather, I always very actively monitor what pants are offered to us by fashion designers. And I am extremely glad that they have prepared a variety for this fall!

Fashion trends

  • First of all, I rejoice at the wide trousers, because under them you can pry off warm underwear and no longer worry about freezing!

  • I also rejoice in the gradual weakening of the dictatorship of high landing . And although in the cold I prefer to pull on trousers higher, the fact that a different waist height appeared at the shows is pleasing. Well, and if the trend does not go away by next summer, there is a chance to flaunt a naked tummy.

  • In contrast to the low rise are trendy pants with a yoke . For a more "razdolbaiskogo" onion, you can roughly dress it with a belt.
  • Patch pockets . No weather fixes, they just look really cool. They give such a brutal, either army or rocker appearance. In general, this season, designers are crazy about the whole waybill. So get ready for suspenders, stripes, all kinds of extra buttons and locks .

  • Quilted details . An unusual and funny trend, it looks especially interesting in the form of rhombs.

Well, in general, I like the tendency to combine different styles in one thing . You buy only pants and you can wear them with almost everything you have.


REFERENCE! This fall, there will be a smooth transition from the light fabrics offered to us in the summer to more dense and structured materials.

My favorite knitwear is still on the crest of a wave. So we continue to be feminine and graceful.

Warm and comfortable coat does not lag behind him. So we continue not to freeze and not to catch a cold.

At the shows I saw a lot of suede and leather . It looks luxurious, and if the materials are natural, then for sure these trousers are also insanely comfortable.

In general, this fall, designers fell in love with everything soft, and such that this softness was felt even visually. So velvet and velor are our everything.

Well, and, of course, warm jeans and cotton, where without them. The base is the base.

Pleasantly surprised models with warm lining .

REFERENCE! Modern technology allows you to make the lining very thin. Therefore, outwardly, the trousers look almost summer, and they warm almost like winter.

Separately, I note the decor. As always, beautiful lace and feathers do not leave the fashionable Olympus. And if with all this you do not feel amazing enough, add sparkling sequins .


  • Of course, as always, the first thing I remember is the classic - for that she is also a classic. Strict lines, arrows, that's all. Must have in any wardrobe at all times.

  • “Bananas” are definitely in trend - and for a very long time. The best combination: a high waist and a shortened leg length, upside down and arrows. And necessarily wide voluminous folds, they are all chic.

  • Flare . In the zero, they talked about the return of the seventies, now everyone is talking about the return of the zero. What can I say, fashion is cyclical. But those that I watched at the shows, due to the bright colors, I would still rank among the seventies.

  • Chinos . This is a kind of military trousers that is ideal for military style. Add the already mentioned patch pockets, and the battle image is ready.


And again, we start with the classics. Of course, the dark colors have not gone anywhere and will not go away : black, blue, brown.

Controversial for a rainy autumn, but still a very relevant trend is white trousers .

For less risky women of fashion there are dairy, cream, light blue and light gray alternatives.

Well, and, of course, where without bright colors? I haven’t seen many monochromatic options, but practically everyone has “vyrviglaznye” multi-colored patterns . So this fall, definitely, will not be boring.

A separate couturier's love is metallic . Gold, silver, bronze, copper - all this is beautifully poured on the trousers of autumn collections. And leaves no choice but to rush after them to the store.


As already noted, the brighter the better in the coming season. But prints are such a voluminous topic that it is worthwhile to dwell on it a little more.

Sequin and metallic luster perfectly complement animal prints . What kind? Yes, you yourself know them very well, there is nothing new here: this is a snake, leopard and zebra that would never have made friends in the wild. But they feel great in each other's company from show to show.

In the fall of 2019, the cage is the queen of all prints ! Large, small, dark, light, any cut, any material, any color combinations, wear - I do not want!

As you can see, there are plenty to choose from. And what hooked you the most?