What to make from old bedding

Any, even the highest quality bedding will become unusable over time. It is wiped, torn, or simply tarnished. Is it possible to give him a new life? The answer is clear: of course!

Where to apply old bedding?

Options for a second life for unusable bedding, weight:

Original retro applications

To update boring clothes or create a unique design is possible with the help of stripes from old pillowcases. You can place them on any area of ​​clothing. This creates a vintage style, which is now at the height of fashion. Collars and cuffs look especially interesting. Bags, backpacks are decorated in the same way.


The fair sex strives for originality. This is not surprising, individual items, especially handmade ones, are distinguished from the crowd.

Old bedding can be used to sew an unusual bag. You can also make beads or bracelets. And if you sew buttons on the fabric, you get an interesting vintage ornament. A patch sewn around the edges can be used as a belt, bandage or headband.

Mats or rugs

From the old duvet cover you get a wonderful couch for your pet. You can sew a new one, stuffing it with a soft filler, or make a cover for an existing one. Among other things, such a bed will smell like the owner.

If you divide the old linen into bundles, you can weave the original rug. For beauty use different kits. If you accumulate several sets, you can come up with any design. Another interesting solution is a patchwork carpet. First, individual blocks are made, then they are sewn into a single fabric.

Such products are durable and will last a long time to owners. In addition, they show that the mistress has golden hands.


Another interesting idea that is very simple to implement is a patchwork quilt or quilt (patchwork). This technique gives a huge scope for imagination, and the product will look very original.

Important: products that will be washed must be made of a homogeneous material so that severe deformation does not occur.

Towels and napkins

The most common and affordable way to use old bedding. In the kitchen or in the country, you always need to wipe or dry something, so the towels quickly become unusable and require replacement.

Here the old bedding comes in handy: it is enough to cut it into rags of the required size and to hem along the edges. For beauty, you can combine several colors or carve an unusual shape.

Pillow decoration

When decorating the premises, you need to think through all the little things. Sofa pillows with fringe or unusual applications look especially interesting. With ease you can create whole geometric patterns, cut flaps in the form of butterflies, flowers, birds. Such details depend on your imagination and style of the room.

Another solution: sew a pillow on a stool or chair. After all, sitting on the soft is nicer, isn't it? Among other things, it will become a highlight of the interior.

Pillow Case Bags

In such bags it is convenient to store various items while traveling or small things used in everyday life: underwear, socks, T-shirts.

If you sew in a zipper, you get a wonderful bag for washing. It will protect the color and properties of the erasable fabric, which is especially important for delicate materials. Still such a bag is good for washing socks - then you do not have to collect them all over the machine.

Important: to sew a bag for washing is necessary from a plain fabric of neutral color.

Hut (wigwam)

A great option for those who have kids among households. Remember how in childhood we built houses with blankets and pillows? And imagine how the child will be delighted if he has his own lodge, which does not need to be taken apart before going to bed! Here you can play, sleep or do your homework.

Making wigwam is very simple. It is enough to make a frame of polished sticks, fasten them together, and throw a duvet cover on top.


An old sheet can serve as an excellent protection for furniture. She will protect from dust, various pollution and fading. It can also cover a sewing machine or vehicles.

Another option is a cover for clothes. It is convenient to store winter things in it in the summer, so that they will not be afraid of moths, dust and bruises.


The sizes of bed linen allow you to make curtains yourself. To do this, you need to cut it into flaps and sew them together. If you attach a lining made of polyethylene, then such a product can be used in the shower room.

As it turned out, giving new life to old things is very simple. All you need is imagination and a little effort.