What kind of shoes are hikers?

Stylish shoes hikers won more than one heart. But not everyone knows how and with what to wear it. Especially so that everyone can complement this stylish bow with a simple and useful article. We will also return to history a little and emphasize how they were worn at first and for what outfit they were considered the most suitable.

Definition of hikers shoes

What is popular hiker? In fact, these boots have long been known as shoes for climbers.

They were created for long walks. Therefore, real hikers are distinguished by a springy outsole, which is also very soft at the same time. But now, popularity has increased not only for hiking, but also for the urban environment.

What are hikers made of?

Most models are very lightweight. It was very important for walking and this condition did not change when shoes became popular for the city.

The second is the tread sole. Very comfortable, non-slip and not heavy. And in the past few seasons, a similar tractor sole has noticeably grown in popularity.

Laces and average height - all this makes the shoes very comfortable, everything fits snugly according to the size of the legs. The high lacing of their comfortable fastener now assumes the role of a fashion trend.

Hiker story

A very old shoe model dates back to World War I. It was a kind of family affair, then grandchildren and great-grandchildren inherited. But the first company to start delivering such “ancient and stylish” shoes was a company called Red Wing.

Then there were many competing firms. There were very interesting models and creative product advertisements.

These are cute products, we will analyze what they can be tried on and where to put them on. A few tips for a fashionable bow with hikers.

What are hikers for?

A controversial and even controversial question as to why this model is needed. Initially, these shoes were created for long trips. Ergonomics and other details were taken into account accordingly.

Masters made a style that would not let the legs get tired. So why not spend the whole day in such a convenient product? Moreover, it is easy to combine. Here are three fabulous combinations (images with hikers).

For official use:

  • pullover or warm sweater of reserved colors, preferably in the range with shoes;
  • plaid or plain shirt;
  • trousers are hard from denim (denim of medium hardness can also be used).

For urban and even modern dandy:

  • retro style jacket (not too defiant coloring);
  • the sweater is very light and can even be knitted;
  • shirt with a predominance of a funny pattern (it is desirable to use a small print);
  • khaki pants.

For a walk or a trip to the store (a decent and easy outfit):

  • short jacket (possible with a fur collar or hood);
  • vest or raglan (knitted product will hold very well);
  • semi-sporting trousers (it is desirable that the model was not too fitted, but nevertheless narrowed).

Very beautiful images. Girls like to complement hikers with down jackets with fur collars, plus combine fur on shoes. It is very stylish and comfortable.

The growing popularity of Hiking boots in 1980-1990.

The growth in popularity of this particular type of shoe in 1980 is very easy to explain. The thing is that by this time the need for outdoor activities was increasing. Many companies at this time began to massively create such comfortable shoes. But people learned all the charms of the novelty and began to wear it not only on hikes. Now hiking shoes are so popular that it flaunts the catwalk and is not unreasonable. She really is very sweet.

The combination of comfortable shoes and at the same time stylish is a rarity, but such a model as hikers is a condition for strength. Do not be afraid of this model, it is not only for sports things and hiking suits. Recommended images prove that shoes have a right to live in the city, but what image you come up with for her again is your decision.