What to do so that the sweater does not prick?

With the onset of cold weather, such necessary and warm woolen things are removed from the cabinet. Here he is, a favorite sweater. Very beautiful, but prickly. Only a high-necked turtleneck worn underneath saves. Do not worry about it - everything is fixable. We will share with you ways that will help to remove tingling with hair villi.

All these methods will not require special expenses: neither material nor physical. To eliminate barbs, it is enough to apply some tricks when washing.

Why is the sweater prickly?

The fact that the sweater is pricked is natural: the hair in animals is the same hair in humans. If the ends of the hair are split, a peculiar brush of hairs is formed in this place. In wool, skin irritation is provided by just such a pile structure. Any skin is sensitive to pricking, especially children suffer from it. That is why it is recommended that from the very first days of life, soft acrylic or wool of a special line adapted for such products be used for children's things .

Ways to eliminate the stitching of a sweater

All of the following methods and methods of influencing the structure of the hair villi have been tested by the people and have long proven their effectiveness. For some thing, one way is suitable, for some other. So what to do? Here are some general tips for caring for natural wool products:

  • wash such things only with special detergents; if necessary, you can take hair shampoo or conditioner;
  • Wool like hand wash. Even in delicate mode, your favorite sweater may become deformed. Use it only in case of emergency;
  • squeeze the washed product without twisting, very carefully;
  • always dry straightened;
  • a few times during this time, slightly stir or shake the item to fluff the coat.

Important! Conventional fabric detergent destroys the structure of the pile and is poorly rinsed. Avoid using it for woolen products.

So, to eliminate barbs, you need to try the work of a special wool softener. If there is no result, we proceed to the search for “our” way.

Use mustard

People have been using this method for a long time. We need 1-2 tablespoons of mustard powder. Everything is quite simple:

  • dry ingredients dissolved in a basin with hot water;
  • cool the resulting solution to a temperature of ≈ 40 degrees;
  • lower the product there and let stand for several hours;
  • rinse and dry.

Apply hair conditioner

The method is simple and affordable. Means designed for cleansing the hair will work the best for wool:

  • We wash the sweater in warm water, take a shampoo for hair as a special powder;
  • We rinse several times with the addition of hair conditioner of the same series (if it is not there, you can take balm).

Important! Shampoo and then conditioner will make the pile structure softer and fluffier.

Lemon against barbs

One of the most time consuming ways:

  • squeeze the juice of three to four lemons;
  • moisten a cotton cloth with it;
  • spread the material on the wrong side of the sweater;
  • leave in this position for an hour (half an hour on each side);
  • then treat with a steam generator.

Glycerin for softness

This method is very simple: you need a teaspoon of glycerin per liter of water. The woolen thing is soaked in the resulting composition for half an hour. It is clear that glycerin still needs to be bought at the pharmacy, although it is inexpensive. And you can’t soak a sweater in a liter of water, you need to select the volume already in place. After the procedure, thoroughly rinse the sweater in several waters.

Dishwashing liquid

Used by many housewives as a universal remedy for getting rid of tingling wool. Although this method is not recommended by the degree of negative impact on the structure of the pile . Use it or not - you decide. Moisten the sweater with water, apply the dishwashing detergent and leave it for a couple of hours. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Weathered in the cold

Another way to tame the obstinate sweater is to influence it with low temperatures:

  • wash and rinse thing;
  • squeeze slightly;
  • put in a bag and send to the freezer or in the cold at night or for a day;
  • to get and thaw naturally;
  • then dry in a horizontal position.

Attention! Not always the desired effect is achieved by a single freeze, there are times that repetitions are necessary.

More methods

Often the softness of the wool is achieved by multiple rinsing in a solution of vinegar and salt (a teaspoon per 10 liters of water). True, the smell of vinegar disappears from the product immediately. For a white sweater, bleach is used . Just soak a thing in warm water with the addition of a certain amount of chemical. Then thorough rinsing of the composition and ventilation from a pungent odor are required.

Important! The structure of the wool can be destroyed, which will lead to deformation of the product and a significant reduction in the period of use.

Tricks for housewives so that the sweater does not prick

It also happens that not a single method gave the expected result, but together worked as it should. Tip from this series:

  • stretch in shampoo;
  • rinse with air conditioning;
  • squeeze slightly, put in a bag and put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours;
  • to get, to defrost by natural drying;
  • spread out on a horizontal surface;
  • in the process of drying, shake the sweater slightly several times, fluffing the coat.
  • Recommended for mohair and other long pile products.

Well, and quite an extreme case - the sewing of thin strips of fabric from the wrong side of the sweater on the neck and in the cuff region . It is worth noting that this is not so simple: the stitches need to be made invisible, and the details of the product should not be deformed.