What to do if glasses slide off the bridge of the nose?

What kind of problems do users of corrective and sun-protection optics with a frame do not have? Now big, then small, narrow or wide. Buying in a store or ordering in optics, it would seem, we are completely satisfied. But in the process of operation, many difficulties are revealed that cause real discomfort. Most often, the glasses “fall off”, that is, the nose bridge slips off. For what reasons a similar situation occurs and how to fix it, find out from this article.

Why do they "slide"?

The most common reasons:

  • the frame is not selected in size;
  • when using glasses, they were put on the head as a rim, as a result of which the distance between the arms became larger;
  • when removing, you take only one handle with your hand, thus the second is pulled to the side;
  • after prolonged use, they simply “rang out” and require adjustment to the parameters of your face;
  • the screws may have loosened and should be tightened;
  • nose stops are in the wrong position and need to be adjusted.

Features of the structure of glasses in the nose

Glasses are not only helpers for correction or protection, but also play the role of a cosmetic sculptor, which allows you to change the shape of the face or the shape of the nose. Not the last place in this is the crossbar or bridge in the nose.

It is its dimensions that directly affect how correctly and firmly the frame is located on the face . The width is sometimes indicated on the inside of the bridge in millimeters, which should be carefully monitored when choosing:

  1. A narrow or wide bridge will not provide a snug fit and a secure fit.
  2. A small one with non-adjustable stops will produce strong squeezing of the skin, and with a large distance, the glasses will constantly slide down.

Even when tilting or raising the head, they should not move . Parameters between lenses vary from 14 to 24 mm. When buying optics, you should know this space . That will ensure a proper fit and will not cause discomfort during socks.

Ways to solve the problem

In any case, when the glasses slip, the cause must be eliminated. First you need to determine a suitable fit .

Look in the mirror - the alignment of the lenses and your eyes should match. It is this situation that is considered correct, and it is worth focusing on it. Now you can inspect the optics and find out why it glides. So you have to work hard.

But initially you can just tighten and secure the screws connecting the frames and the arms . Do not tighten them tightly, otherwise you may break the threads or damage the frame. If there is no expected result, then proceed to more complex manipulations:

  • pay attention to the nose stops. If the glasses fit high with the two thumbs of both hands, slightly spread them apart. Or vice versa, center toward the low position;
  • for example, the bridge corresponds to the size of your nose bridge, the nose stops are in excellent condition, then you should pay attention to the arches. Put the glasses on a flat surface, they should simultaneously touch the table without distortions . Try to make the bend angle of the ear hook less, preheating with not very hot water or a hairdryer.

Important! Some memory-rimmed frames are made of materials that are resistant to change. For example, from titanium or aluminum alloy. In this case, you will have to go to the optics store or resort to an additional method. Which does not add aesthetics to glasses - winding rubber bands for money on the earhooks at the bend.

For any corrections, do not use excessive force, do everything gradually so that you do not have to transform the product in the opposite direction. And this can lead to curvature and breakage of the frame. After each action, try on and only then gradually form it.