What the bag says about the character of a woman

There is a widespread belief in the world about the mystery of a female character. And at all times writers, poets, painters and composers have sought to solve this riddle. Interestingly, this issue is relevant not only for men. Women themselves would like to be able to learn more about their character in order to solve purely female problems that arise from time to time. And this remedy is available - it was invented by psychologists. They justifiably argue that not only her clothes can tell about the character of a woman. An observant person can learn a lot about the Beautiful Lady by the shape, size, color of her bag, by the way she wears it and maintains order inside.

This method is used not only by amateurs and lovers of solving puzzles and crosswords, but also quite serious people. In some companies, the contents of a woman's handbag are examined at a job interview . This helps the staff psychologist determine who the person came for the interview.

What you can learn about a woman by her purse

First of all, you need to pay attention to several important parameters.

IMPORTANT! Starting to study the bag, you should make sure that the woman wears this accessory all the time. but didn’t take it “in a one-off order” to solve immediate tasks. Otherwise, the results cannot be reliable.

The size

This is one of the most important parameters that make it possible to get closer to solving the riddles of a female nature.

Big size

The large accessory speaks of the thriftiness and independence of its owner. Indeed, in a large handbag you can put not only a mirror and lipstick. This is an ideal way to transport products purchased on the way home from work. And business women are happy to use a large bag to carry a netbook or tablet, important documents .

By a large bag you can judge not only about the business qualities of a lady or reveal the economic nature of her nature. Such an accessory makes it possible to constantly carry with her everything that, according to the girl, she may need at any time. This will tell about decisiveness and independence, self-confidence.

Small size

A small handbag most often speaks of the practicality and conservatism of the girl. She will take with her only what she really needs today, and does not like anything superfluous. Especially interesting are the ladies who prefer miniature clutches to an ordinary bag.

Shape and design

You can also learn a lot about the hostess in the form and design of the accessory.

Trending model

Girls who strive at all costs to own the latest model from the collection of one of the famous designers, know a lot about fashion and beautiful things, they want to always be in trend. But at the same time, you can discern the desire to be like everyone else, not standing out from the total mass of the same fashionistas .

Unusual design

Sometimes a bag can be something incredible, attracting everyone's attention. When you notice such an accessory, know: before you is a person who is eccentric, independent, prone to shocking . She always has a personal opinion about everything . Even if it differs from the generally accepted!

And yet such a fashionista loves to always be in the spotlight and is capable of real frenzy .

INTERESTING! Some ladies, who understand the meaning of the bag well, specially buy at least one accessory of original design. It is necessary in order to attract the attention of others in the right situation and show your own personality.


No less interesting is the choice of product by color.

Black and white

Some ladies recognize for themselves only practical black or universal white. For them, as a rule, the following features are characteristic:

  • confidence that in the world there is only “good” and “bad”, “beautiful” and “ugly” and the like, diametrically opposed extremes;
  • frequent mood swings (from laughter to tears). Moreover, there may not be special grounds for this;
  • practicality and conservatism ;
  • narrow circle of friends ;
  • some maximalism of judgment, especially characteristic of young princesses.

Other shades

  • Lovers of warm tones - kind and responsive nature.

  • Bright bags are hot-tempered and emotional .

The habit of carrying a bag and the character of a woman

Each woman carries her bag in her own way. And this is not just a habit! Although some fashionistas specifically develop their own, special style of wearing, the subconscious makes one way or another to wear the product . You can correct this in order to remain a mystery to everyone, but few do so.

Here's what psychologists say:

  • a bag under the arm indicates responsibility and loneliness ;

  • on the bend of the elbow - about judgment, practicality, honesty;

  • by the hands - the hostess is too conservative, adheres to strict rules in life;

  • on the shoulder, the arm is slightly bent at the elbow - the woman has an independent character and is always confident in herself .

  • a bag on his shoulder, hands at the seams - indicate uncertainty and dependence on the opinions of others ;

  • on the shoulder, the hostess swings her arms while walking - she is always friendly and cheerful .

What the order in the woman’s bag tells

Looking into a handbag, you can either marvel at the complete chaos reigning inside, or admire the perfect order.

  • Things randomly scattered in the bowels speak of reverie and neglect of the rules .
  • For a long time, wrappers in perfect order, checks from the store, theater programs that were relevant a couple of years ago, and even used movie tickets, will be talked about excessive frugality, conservatism .

A bag is not only a container for the necessary (and sometimes unnecessary) little things. This is an important accessory that serves to complete the image of a woman and determine her character.