What affects the color of the stone in the jewelry

When choosing jewelry, you need to pay attention to many details. Especially if the decoration is decorated with natural stones. This is due to the strongest energy that natural minerals carry and their effect on the human body. Since ancient times, precious minerals have been used not only as a beautiful and attractive element of the wardrobe. They were also used as a means to heal various diseases, nourish energy and make amulets.

Why is the color of the stone important?

The color of the decoration is extremely important, since each person has his own preferences and reacts differently to a particular shade . For example, one shade can soothe and give additional energy, and the other can inhibit and cause irritability. That is why it is so important to choose the right jewelry and color of natural stones in them.

Experts believe that in Russia minerals were called gems by chance.

Important! Color is one of the manifestations of the form of energy. It must be taken into account in order to adjust life situations.

The meaning of color in jewelry

Each person has their own preferences. This is reflected in the clothes, the interior of the house and the color of the stones in the jewelry. The same mineral can have a completely different effect on different people.


Amethyst is the brightest representative of this shade. It activates spiritual forces and gives its owner a charge of vivacity and energy .

Light blue

Supports charming and sincere people in their endeavors. The stones with this shade include aquamarine, topaz, opal and turquoise .


People who prefer such a shade in stones easily achieve their desired goals. They are safe and successful.

Minerals of a dark blue color, for example, sapphire and lapis lazuli, give strength and strength to the body, bring self-confidence and love.


Natural gifts for passionate and leading natures. Such stones include ruby and pomegranate. They give strength and energy, making the owner feel omnipotent.


Inserts of pearls, quartz (white or milk), agate expressed purity in life, thoughts and intentions. White stone elevates, brings clarity, helps to concentrate . Is an important decision ahead? Need to be extremely careful? Take note of the white shade!


Most often speaking about yellow, we recall amber . But diamonds, sapphires, topazes and other gems can also be yellow.

Yellow is considered a vibrant color! Embodying life energy in itself, it is intended primarily energetic ! And yellow inserts will help in the development of sciences or career wisdom.

The black

Some ladies are wary of black. But this shade not only embodies grief and mourning. The depth of color becomes an expression of the depth of the soul . Black onyx, topaz, jade and other minerals indicate the mental stability of a person. And recommended for those who seek such sustainability and constancy.


Agates and turquoise, emerald and jade, garnet and alexandrite, as well as other minerals of this color, are endowed with special properties. After all, green is the color of life, which is full of change for the better.

Important! A green tint in the decoration helps to improve the financial condition. And in personal relationships, the owner of such an ornament can expect increased attention of the opposite sex.

Even our ancestors believed that natural stones carry enormous energy, which can affect the emotional state, cure diseases and bring prosperity and well-being. And today, knowledge of folk experience, as well as attention to your feelings and sensations, will help you find your own shade.