Vinyl tablecloth what is it

Modern ladies, like women in the good old days, believe that setting a table for guests without a tablecloth is ugly and inappropriate for a caring hostess. They are used in everyday life to give the kitchen or dining room a special home comfort and to protect the table from constant pollution. But to use fabric is very expensive, they are easily dirty and difficult to wash. That is why the invention of a vinyl tablecloth was a good option.

Vinyl tablecloth: what is it and its features?

A vinyl product differs little from its fabric progenitor in appearance. They are also made with various patterns or ornaments, made in pleasant colors and decorated with decorative fringe or lace. However, such a tablecloth does not need such complicated care as cotton or linen. It is enough to simply wipe it with a damp cloth after each use, removing dirt.

The main features and advantages of such products are:

  • durability;
  • attractive appearance;
  • simplicity in leaving.

Important! In recent years, it became possible to buy a similar accessory for the kitchen not only as a piece product, but also as a meter.

Today there are several varieties of such products. So, bilateral have at once two ornaments, on both sides. Buying such a tablecloth, the hostess can change the pattern depending on the mood.

There are heat-resistant products and fabrics based on fabric. The former are not afraid of hot dishes, are not deformed and are quite durable, while the latter have amazing resistance to external factors and have long pleased the housewives with their beautiful appearance.

Outlandish varieties such as the "chameleon" and silk-screened are also commercially available. The former change color depending on the lighting in the room, and the latter, due to the special production procedure and the material used, have increased wear resistance.

Advantages and disadvantages of a vinyl tablecloth

Tablecloths today are not limited solely to classic fabric patterns. More and more housewives prefer vinyl. And there are a number of reasons that are due to the advantages of this type of table accessory:

  • durability (such an accessory will help protect the table from damage, and it will be easily cleaned if contamination occurs, this is especially important in homes where there are children);
  • affordable (vinyl products are affordable for most women);
  • varieties (depending on the cost of the tablecloth vary in density, degree of protection and beauty);
  • appearance (thanks to modern technologies for applying drawings, it can have a variety of ornaments, which can even be annoying for a long time of use).

Among the shortcomings, one can distinguish only the unpleasant smell of the material after unpacking a new product. But fortunately, he does not last long. Also, over time, the upper layer of the tablecloth is overwritten, which leads to a loss of high-quality appearance. But such products are cheap enough so that, if necessary, it can be easily changed.

Vinyl tablecloths are an excellent option for modern dining rooms and kitchens. They help to save time and effort on washing and ironing, as well as provide pleasant comfort in the room.