Vintage is now in fashion. What is vintage clothing?

I heard more than once that today it was time to get things from my grandmother's chest. Say, vintage is very fashionable. I thought: is it really that any old clothes are considered fashionable? And anyway, what is it - vintage? I decided to figure it out. I learned a lot of interesting things.

It turns out that the word "vintage" came to the world of fashion from winemakers, where it meant wine or a crop of a certain year. And for modern clothing to be called vintage, it must be stylish, high-quality and extraordinary. Basically, this direction is based on the use of things that were at the peak of popularity in different years of the 20th century.

Vintage in clothes

Modern clothing, which is called this word, is divided into two types

  • Stylish things that were made in the past, but at the same time did not lose their charm and are well preserved . Clothing does not have to be new; used items are allowed.

Attention! The basis of this direction is the age of clothing.

According to some designers, this category includes things that were made in the first half of the last century (from the 20s to the 60s). In this case, the item must be piece. If it was made on a stream (factory), even with excellent preservation and the presence of tags, this is a second-hand.

Others refer to this category products that have existed for 30 to 60 years. That is, things sewn in the 90s are not all stylists agree to consider vintage. And too “age” products they refer to antique.

  • Modern products stylized as “retro”. Many famous fashion designers have creations in this technique.

Signs of vintage clothing

So, really - if you pull a thing out of a chest, it will age-appropriate for the fashion category. But age is not the only condition. It is important that clothes have the main features of the fashion of that period.

"Business card" of time

In order to understand how vintage things look, it is worth turning your eyes to the history of fashion.

  • The twenties are characterized by the following features: a free cut that sometimes seems shapeless, the length of the hem is slightly higher than the knees, an asymmetrical bottom line, and evening dresses are decorated with a variety of decor (mesh, feathers, bugles, sequins, sequins, fringe).
  • In the thirties, fabrics with a metallic sheen, a high collar near dresses and blouses, a collar with ties or ties are becoming popular.
  • Since the forties, men's things have appeared in the women's wardrobe (jackets, trousers, sweaters, cardigans, turtlenecks). Preferences are given to comfortable things with a simple cut.
  • In the fifties, fashionable Olympus is dominated by a-line dresses, high-waist skirts and tunics.
  • Sixties - the time of the appearance of the usual miniskirt.

Color of the decade

Each decade of the past century has its own colors.

  • In the 20-30s at the peak of popularity were bright colors . Especially widely used white and black. A rich golden or silver finish and decoration with beads, feathers, bugles were welcomed.
  • In the 40s, the outfits were distinguished by a simple cut and restrained range of blue, swamp, blue, gray, brown.
  • The bright, joyful 50s and 60s were distinguished by light, pastel shades . Widely used as contrasting coral, red-pink and lemon color.

Reference! In the sixties came into fashion marine style, white and blue colors.

  • In the seventies, with the advent of the hippie movement, at the peak of popularity were ornaments, geometry, folklore motifs.

Varieties of vintage clothing

It is also interesting that a thing does not have to be old. It can be a completely new dress or skirt, but made with the preservation of all the characteristic features of a certain period. There are several types of such clothes.

  • The original product of a fashion designer, which was sewn no later than 1980 .
  • A model that was completely copied from fashion from the 20th to the 80th year. Such a thing is called replication.
  • Clothing, the tailoring of which used the main feature of fashion of a certain decade .
  • Products made with the use of rare materials : well-preserved ancient fabrics or finishes (braid, lace, buttons, etc.).

Attention! In modern fashion, there is a branch of the style in question. It is called neovintazh and represents things that have a worn surface or are artificially aged.

How to wear vintage to look fashionable and attractive

But even if you bought or found such clothes - in order to look fashionable, you have to try. You need to be able to combine it correctly with other elements of the outfit. Our recommendations will help to achieve this.

  • Enter vintage into your wardrobe gradually . Experiment with one item first.
  • Do not use in your appearance more than three items of this style.
  • Be sure to choose the things that are most suitable for your type of figure .
  • Make an outfit according to the situation and situation : a dress for a gala event, a blouse with a high collar for the office, etc.
  • For everyday use, it is better to dwell on things of a simple cut and muted colors, while for the holiday you can choose an extraordinary and bright outfit.
  • When choosing clothes, first of all, consider its convenience.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment and change things with the help of a variety of decor : lace, beads, embroidery.

Vintage is a tribute to bygone fashion. No wonder they say that everything new is well forgotten old. Often, it would seem, long-forgotten styles become super-popular again.