Tie bow - a fashionable women's accessory for fall 2019

A bow tie is a fashionable and original accessory that changes the image, adding a twist to it. A spectacular product attracts the eyes of others and serves as a demonstration of individual style.

Tie bow for fashion women

In a women's wardrobe, a tie appeared at the beginning of the last century. Today it can be seen more often than a few years ago.

Reference. At first, it was difficult for women to include this accessory in their image, since it was almost identical to a man’s tie. But now there are many bright and unusual options that can organically complement the image of a beautiful lady.

In the arsenal of fashionistas there are various types of women's ties: classic, bow, French tie, bow tie, scarf, etc. Today we will talk about which has become the most relevant for fall-2019.

The most fashionable tie of the season

Among this variety in the fall of this year, it is first of all to choose an accessory in the form of a bow. He has become the most fashionable!

Reference! A tie with a knot in the form of a bow is of considerable age. He appeared in the 19th century, initially, like other types of ties, in the wardrobe of men.

The most interesting models of 2019 are made of silk and decorated with non-trivial prints .

Options for the bow tie:

  • thick lace;
  • tape from 7 to 13 cm wide;
  • scarf;
  • handkerchief.

Reference! Both silk and other easily draped fabrics are suitable material for the accessory.

Instead of tying a knot yourself, you can use an accessory that has a ready-made bow. It is mounted on a tape or elastic band worn around the neck. There is a certain convenience in this: much less time is spent on tying. The accessory retains its appearance for a long time. But you can’t change it, tie it in a different way!

Advice! An additional accessory decoration can be an original brooch, which is placed on the site.

How to tie

There are many options for the most fashionable women's tie of the season-2019. They differ in the size of the loops and the length of the free ends. If you want to make them small, and the fabric is quite long, you can wrap it around the neck twice, and then form a knot.

Advice! If you want to wear a tie in the style of Jacqueline Kennedy, discard the tie loops. Having made the knot, allow the ends of the accessory to freely descend to the chest. Make sure that the ends are approximately equal in length.

What to wear

The undoubted advantage of the accessory is its versatility. In fact, you can create many attractive looks with a feminine tie. It can be worn with a trouser business suit, added to the image in a casual style, decorate an elegant dress and even clothes for outdoor activities.

With a blouse

Most often, a bow is worn with a blouse or a shirt with a turn-down collar.

The image is strict, elegant, but at the same time feminine. The perfect combination is with a pencil skirt or straight trousers.

Reference! It is allowed to wear a bow with a shirt and jeans. However, in this case, the shade of the accessory should be identical to the color of the bottom of the bow.

With costume

In a business environment, a tie is best combined with business suits. Based on the type of accessory chosen, a bow can be made even more concise or, conversely, add coquetry and charm to it.

With dress

The bow is able to transform any dress! But it is better not to wear it with models that already have original decor at the top. Be guided by a sense of proportion!

With sweater

Such an accessory with a plain knitted product is also quite appropriate. Choose a tie that will look harmonious: contrasting, different by several tones or with a print.

Here are some more ideas from fashion shows. Pay attention to color combinations.

Did you like bows as a child? Do not deny yourself a fashion accessory today! He definitely won’t let you down!