Sneakers, sneakers, moccasins: what to choose for the summer?

My grandmother, a noble fashionista, always told me that the main wardrobe item was shoes. “Remember, baby: if you pick the wrong pair, it’ll go all day, ” she said. “Nothing but a spoiled mood, an awkward gait and bloody corns.” How right was my wise granny!

I constantly remember her words, especially in the summer. You must admit that beautiful, but uncomfortable sandals truly poison the life of the owner, and the gait “a la paralyzed grasshopper” does not add charm, but causes only laughter and pity from others. Therefore, let's figure out how to shoe in the hot season, so that it is convenient, comfortable and healthy?

What shoes are preferred in summer?

The summer heat, the air is thick and dense, the asphalt melts under the scorching sun, and the clothes stick to the sweating body, like a second skin ... I think everyone knows this uncomfortable state. And even if a slip came out with shoes, a walk around the city turns into a real torture. How often I observed lovely young ladies who bought bundles of plaster in the pharmacy, and then, on the nearest bench, sealed bleeding wounds on their legs. A terrible and miserable sight. But to avoid such troubles is not difficult. One need only to understand a few simple rules.

First of all, summer shoes should be soft and supple . Be sure to check that the straps or laces fix it well on the leg, but do not squeeze the foot. The fact is that in the hot season, the body swells a little, and elegant clogs or sandals bought at the autumn sale, after an hour's walk under the scorching sun, can become small.

The material of which the pair is made is also important . Genuine leather and suede, of course, are more expensive, but in them the leg will not sweat and glide. In general, I think you can save on anything, but not on shoes. Yes, one pair from a leading manufacturer costs like 3-4 Chinese fakes, however, its service life is much longer, and wearing it is a pleasure. No discomfort, pain in the legs and calluses.

How to wear sports shoes in the heat?

And what about the hot season for those who prefer an active lifestyle and sporty clothing? Classic models in this case are inappropriate and inconvenient - it is difficult to imagine a skateboarder in shoes or a cyclist pedaling in elegant sandals. Therefore, their option is comfortable and stylish sports shoes: sneakers, moccasins, sneakers, sandals.

They do not restrict movement, allow you to stay on the "crest of the wave", without experiencing pain in the legs and fatigue . Ideal for those who value freedom and comfort the most.


Soft and comfortable loafers are an excellent choice for a walk on a hot summer day. Today on the shelves you can find hundreds of stylish models in all colors of the rainbow. However, only those made from natural materials (cotton or suede) deserve your attention . Otherwise, wearing them will be uncomfortable, especially taking into account the fact that they wear these shoes exclusively on their bare feet, and knee-high socks, socks and footprints are prohibited. Choose the color scheme at your discretion, but I would recommend giving preference to light or neutral tones - the settled dust will not be so noticeable.

By the way! Moccasins categorically do not combine with a tracksuit! At the same time, they look good paired with cropped trousers, capri pants, breeches, jeans, shorts, tunics and sundresses to match.


Sneakers for many decades have been popular among adherents of an active lifestyle. They are comfortable, do not constrain movements, sit well on the foot. However, in the summer they should be worn with caution.

Alas, sneakers, for the most part, are made of artificial materials. The vulcanized rubber sole and dense fabric upper limit airflow, and after a couple of hours, your feet will begin to sweat. The result of increased sweating is unpleasant - corns, corns, fungus and a characteristic "darling" . Of course, this does not mean that you need to throw your favorite couple in the trash. Just don’t “grow” into them for the whole day, let your legs rest.

Important! Wearing a sneaker is contraindicated for people with flat feet!

But sneakers in the heat are generally contraindicated. A kind of "coat" walled up his legs, as in a bath .

Sport sandals

The attitude of fashionistas to such sandals has long been ambiguous. Some said that they can be worn exclusively for sports, while others insisted on the right to wear these shoes everywhere. And judging by the fact that today you can meet such sandals both in the urban "stone jungle" and on the beach, they firmly took their place in the wardrobe of most ordinary people.

Well, basically, there’s nothing unusual about that. The shoes are comfortable, free, provides air access from all sides, and you can combine it with both sportswear and dresses . But the taboo on socks remains unchanged, although many men safely forget about it, generating a lot of jokes and jokes through their actions.

How to choose the "right" shoes?

There are no clear rules that would tell you what to wear in the summer. Here, everyone focuses solely on their style and weather. But, of course, it is worth considering some points in order not to look ridiculous because of your choice:

  • girls with a wide foot should better refuse to buy flip flops - in them the leg will look even wider. It is better to stay on models with closed sides;
  • low and wide ankles will hide the ankle straps (or weave them);
  • a small heel will make the leg visually more elegant;
  • for women with curvaceous, the perfect choice is platform sandals;
  • if the toes are too long - instead of open clogs, buy shoes with a small hole in the toe.

The selection of summer shoes is huge. The main thing is that it should be comfortable and comfortable, protect your feet from damage, do not rub and allow the skin to breathe . Buy it wisely, and then you forget about the bad mood, fatigue and calluses, walking through life with a flying gait.