Snake print - what you need in the summer and fall of 2019

How do you feel about snakes? Not really? And if we are not talking about a personal meeting, but about coloring? Yes, the snake print has become one of the most fashionable patterns in the second half of 2019. Fashionistas are offered clothes, accessories, bags and scarves with such a pattern. Let's take a closer look at the fashionable pattern.

What designers offer

Designers use a snake print in different clothes and shoes.

Fashionable clothes

Shirts, blouses, cropped dresses and other models - a snake pattern is appropriate everywhere !

Reference! The color of the pattern can be either brown-beige or gray, olive.

Such a variety of shades allows you to combine the outfit with different accessories, creating new images.

Dresses and skirts

Long dresses and skirts with a snake pattern will make a lady with any figure look feminine . Hiding the imperfections of appearance, such products skillfully emphasize its advantages, switching attention to the pattern.

A woman who wears clothes with such a pattern attracts attention. The cut of the dress can be simple, the silhouette is straight or slightly flared. The pattern looks unusual and allows you to feel elegant and original.

Advice! Massive shoes (ankle boots, low shoes) will be a good addition to create a stylish look.

Business suit

Snake coloring creates an indescribable impression of office outfits. One detail with such a pattern changes the image and attracts attention. Such a detail can be a scarf, blouse, belt or jacket .

Advice! Add the appropriate accessories, and office attire can be worn in other situations: for a walk, work, party.


Fashionistas are also invited to pay attention to pants with this print. This season, skinny or straight snake pants will be one of the most relevant . After all, it’s so easy to choose the rest of the clothes for them! And at the same time, you always manage to look stylish.

Advice! These trousers go well with boots, boots, ankle boots or sneakers.

Fashion allows for a mixture of styles, so there are more than enough options for experiments.


The “under the snake” print also looks appropriate in outerwear . Designers suggest focusing on raincoats, trench coats, jackets with this pattern.

You can combine such clothes with shoes of any style, significantly changing the image.

Important! A very beautiful and elegant snake print looks with classic shoes. Boots and high heel shoes add sophistication to the look.

Snake print shoes

Snake print allows you to give more expressiveness to any image. Even the most ordinary suit with such shoes or sneakers takes on a completely different look . Women loved this color for the opportunity to look bright and expensive.

Important! The color of the shoes can be any, but should always stand out against the background of the outfit.

In the autumn collections, fashion designers paid great attention to ankle boots and boots with a snake skin print. Such shoes look very expensive and make a worthy impression.

If you are looking for something really unusual and eye-catching, you should take a closer look at shoes with this print.


And in accessories, this pattern is very effective. He conveys the dangerous grace of a reptile. Snake skin is used to make bags, wallets, belts .

Important! The price of a real snake skin is very high. And only very wealthy people can afford to buy things made of genuine leather. Therefore, many designers diversify their collections with artificial material with a fashionable print.

Products are very original and look expensive. That is why they are popular with many fashionistas.


A small cross-body bag or clutch bag with such a pattern is especially successful with plain clothes.

Reference! The snake print goes well with black, burgundy, gray. The option with brown shades has long become almost classic.

Scarves, scarves

Silk scarves, scarves and stoles with a snake-like pattern look elegant. It is enough to tie such a scarf to any shirt or blouse to look elegant and stylish.


The creators of fashion jewelry produce bracelets, earrings and beads with a snake pattern. The fashionable print has found application in hair accessories. In the collections of fashion designers you can find hairpins, headbands with such a pattern.

How to wear a snake print

A few tips to help create an attractive look.

  • You should not use several things with a snake print in the same image . One detail is enough, it will immediately attract eyes.
  • This pattern is bright, unusual. Therefore, it is very good in combination with plain materials .
  • For combination, you can use both contrasting fabrics and adjacent shades: white, beige, chocolate, black, green.