Shopping in France

More and more sightseeing tours to France are equipped with a small shopping program. A full-fledged shopping tours are rapidly gaining momentum. And it’s not surprising, because France is a country where they produce the most fashionable and stylish things in the world . Despite the fact that the shops here are considered one of the most expensive in Europe, many people are willing to pay for quality and exclusivity.

French sales

It is known that people go to France not for discounts, but for unique things. However, the sales season also happens here. In winter, sales start from mid-January, and in summer - at the end of July. At this time, discounts reach 70%. Often the percentage is set for a particular product.

Lafayette Gallery is the largest shopping center in Paris.

Size discounts indicate a round sticker at the bottom of the label. Moreover, there can be several of them on one thing . The following terms are also found:

  1. Promotion. The sign informs about ongoing promotions lasting no more than a week, and does not depend on the season of sales.
  2. Soldes . Indicates a seasonal sale.
  3. Degriffes . Assumes discounts on designer items without labels.
  4. Magasins d'usines . This means that you can buy things at the price of the manufacturer, without a trade margin.

Important! You need to choose carefully, since in most cases it will not work to exchange or return an item purchased at a sale.

Secrets - what and where to buy

It is better to prepare in advance for shopping in France. Let's reveal some secrets of successful purchases :

  • Galery Lafayette, Au Printemps, Montparnasse Shopping Center shopping malls are suitable for department store lovers with a wide variety of goods;
  • for luxury goods you should head to the quiet street Faubourg-Saint-Honoré: shopping here may be one of the best memories in life.
  • antiques are sold in Louvre des Antiquaires stores, located at the Palais-Royal metro station; It is also worth visiting flea markets (budget option);

  • the best jewelry stores are located on Vendome Square - items purchased here are inherited and do not lose their value immediately after purchase;
  • Outlets are located outside the city, and at a decent distance; the most famous of them is La Valle Village.

Attention! Having bought expensive things, when leaving the country, you can return the value added tax . And this is about 20% savings.

Trading houses and boutiques

Most well-known brands are based in Paris, this is the so-called “Golden Triangle” . Luxury boutiques are located on the Champs Elysees. Along the street are shops of famous brands - Gucci, Dior, Cartier, Chanel, Hugo Boss. Also, many boutiques are located on the street of Saint-Honoré, where the largest Chanel store in the country is located.

Not every traveler is ready to roam the fashion district in search of the right thing. It is much more convenient to go to the universal shopping malls, which work even on Sundays . The Lafayette Gallery is considered the center of the French lifestyle. There are boutiques, cafes and restaurants.


The stores offer a large selection of jewelry made of gold and silver. You can find beautiful earrings, a chain with a pendant and bracelets. One of the conceptual jewelry is a bracelet with the word "merci" . The store that sells them has the exact same name.

Cosmetics, perfumes

French perfumes are very popular. Therefore, leaving the country without a bottle is simply unforgivable. In order not to buy a fake, it is better to choose specialized stores. Famous beauty shops are Sephora and Marionnaud.

A true Parisian exclusive will be the exquisite perfume with the scent of roses “Les parfums de Rosine” . The oldest brand Fragonard arranges sightseeing tours for tourists. Of course, a real expanse for perfume lovers will be in Grasse . It is there that many authentic houses of perfume manufacturers are concentrated.

Reference! In addition to perfumes, you can bring handmade soap with various odors.


It is worth paying attention to the famous textiles from Biarritz . If difficulties arise in the selection process, you can buy a piece of fabric and find use for it later. Espadrilles, table linens and colorful stripes are in demand . Refined lace also attracts tourists.

Espadrilles "Chanel".

Painted silk scarves, which have long been produced in small batches , are a popular souvenir in nice markets in Nice . Provencal textiles are famous (Indian cotton was brought there in the 17th century). The most famous market is Cours de Saleya, where they sell everything that your heart desires.


Among the dishes, Limoges porcelain is of most interest. The products are made of snow-white porcelain and decorated with murals of color and gold paints .

In Nice you can buy the finest Provencal clay products - local ceramics.


In addition to famous postcards from Nice, men love to bring crafts with marine symbols. These are luxurious frigates depicted on fabric, copies of compasses, flags and other attributes associated with the sea. A gift on the marine theme will delight both the boy and the adult man in love with the sea.

Food and sweets

France is the birthplace of famous delicacies and is famous for its incredibly delicious cheese (hundreds of types of cheeses, especially in Nice). While in the country, you need to try as many cheeses as possible. In stores you can find factory-made products. The markets feature unique private cheese products. On average, the price varies from 15 to 35 euros per kilogram, elite cheeses cost about 80 euros. Particular attention should be paid to jams and deli meats.

From a wide variety of chocolate, your eyes literally run up. It is worth paying attention to the chocolate produced in the city of Bayonne . You can choose any, but the sharpest dark Espelette with red pepper will be the most exotic.

Popular among tourists and unusual caramels made from cream and salty butter . This product is already familiar to many, but it was first invented in Brittany . It is inexpensive and tasty.


Moccasins are one of the most convenient types of shoes for walking and traveling . The most popular are moccasins Rivieras. In convenience they surpass the legendary flip flops. In the middle of the last century, they were worn by Spanish fishermen in the Costa Blanca.

Alcoholic drinks

The stores offer a large assortment of French wines . The French themselves recognize good wines from 5 euros per unit.

Advice! To surprise a loved one, it is worth looking for products that are not exported . To do this, it is better to visit one of the local wineries where you can taste the product. Also buy a bottle of the legendary Grande Dame Rose champagne, but here it is far from a cheap drink. Strong apple brandy - calvados - is popular in the north . It is produced in the province of Normandy.

Each country has its own special products that cannot be found in other parts of the world. Shopping lovers will definitely not return from France empty-handed. Here you can buy genuine things manufacturers with big names.