Shopping in China

For many, China is strongly associated with cheapness and low-quality fakes of electronic equipment of famous brands. But modern shopping in this country has long gone beyond consumer goods . Tourists tend to come here to wander around the huge shopping centers and markets filled with excellent china and branded electronics no worse than Apple and Sony.

Sales in China

The Chinese are selling all year round . Their schedule depends on significant state dates:

  • China Day (October 1);
  • New Year according to the Eastern calendar (21.01–21.02);
  • May Day;
  • mid-autumn (second decade of September).

As in Europe, Christmas and New Year December sales are held annually in the country.

Products with a discount of up to 90% can be found at off-season fairs, which operate in the spring, from June to July, and end in the fall.

What to buy in China?

Should I arrange a Chinese shopping? This uncharted country keeps many secrets, and its trading potential is able to surprise even the most sophisticated tourists. You can always buy copies of good quality brands there.

Clothes and shoes

It is not profitable to buy luxury items from well-known manufacturers in Europe and America because of their exorbitant cost. In the Chinese market, they cost almost twice as much as usual.

The signature chip of the Middle Kingdom is natural silk. The secret technology for its production appeared in the Neolithic and was kept secret for a long time.

Important! For shopping, it is better to go to a shopping center or a factory store . Otherwise, there is a great risk of acquiring nylon instead of natural silk at an overpriced price.

Appliances and Electronics

China is almost overwhelmed with all kinds of household appliances and electronics . Eyes run up from the abundance of tablets, headphones, smartphones, mobile phones, video recorders, sewing machines. Among the many fake counterparts of world companies you can find worthy specimens . But is it worth the risk if you are not particularly tech savvy?

The best choice is Chinese-made models that have managed to show themselves on the good side. Among them, Xiaomi and Meizu.

On a note! Smartphones of world brands in China are better not to buy. No one will guarantee that the product has not been restored after a serious “accident."

You can go on a hike for electronics to any shopping center or to the Chinese "humpback" that are in all major cities.


Many have already tried the recipes of ancient herbalists in modern technology. The Chinese have created whole natural cosmetic lines, the composition of which is based on medicinal chamomile, healing ginseng, green tea, seaweed, silver ions.

Beauticians recommend:

  • HerborisT's favorite Chinese anti-aging luxury brand;
  • effective budget care Bioaqua (co-production with the French);
  • Angel Xuewei - good quality at an affordable price with exotic bio-gold, bio-silver, pearl powder, whalebone, shark cartilage;
  • skin protection products Dong Gia ;
  • cosmetics from the Doctor Li pharmacy - without chemicals and all kinds of fragrances;
  • Laikou's popular natural product is various peels, scrubs, creams with herbs, beans and even snail mucus.

Markets teem with fakes. Suspiciously low price for Chanel, YSL - a reason to refuse to buy . It’s best to go straight to the pharmacy or store.

Porcelain, jade and pearls

The symbol of China is porcelain . It is made according to the oldest technology of the seventh century, and the drawing is applied manually. Frankly speaking, not everyone can afford this expensive pleasure.

People come here for jade - the "stone of life." The largest selection in the market of the same name in Hong Kong, original gizmos can be bought at jewelry stores.

On a note! Look at the gleam: real jade is fibrous, cheap jadeite is granular.

The world famous pearls have long gained pearls from the Middle Kingdom . Tourists happily go after him to special markets.

Natural pearls are quite weighty, which distinguishes them from light plastic ones.

Medicines and drugs of traditional medicine

Do you want to strengthen your immune system and make up for wasted energy? Chinese pharmacies will offer you plenty of vitamin drinks and tinctures.

Feel free to take any of them. But especially valuable are those made on the basis of ginseng - the "root of life", deer antlers and donkey gelatin

Famous chinese teas

Want to please your friends? Buy them healthy and inexpensive tea!

The world-famous is the fragrant Xihu-Longjing from Zhengjiang, the unusually saturated red Dayanhong, Tocha, Puer from Yunnan .

Chinese tea Shen Puer

To purchase them, it is better to go to a pharmacy or a specialized store.

Do not forget about Beijing rice noodles and healthy coconut sugar.


It is unlikely that something will surprise you with traditional Qingdao beer . But rice vodka from Guizhou is a real masterpiece with a specific taste.

For souvenirs, tourists make out ordinary vodka with alcoholic snakes .

The best shopping centers in China

Real chic awaits shoppers in the streets of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong . If, besides new things, tourists are also interested in ancient culture, then it is worth visiting Guangzhou .

On a note! Chinese stores are universal, open at 9.30, and closing time - no earlier than 20.30.

Beijing streets are "dotted" with all kinds of shops and shopping centers. The most famous of them:

  • boutiques of world brands (Wangfujing St. and Sidan St.);
  • tea shops in the center, where they sell decent coffee;
  • trading giant Oriental Plaza Mall;
  • Druzhba State Trade Center, where despite high prices and lack of bargaining, the high quality of the goods offered is guaranteed.

Beijing Beijing Great Gold Mall - 65 million square meters. m

Shanghai shopping is an introduction to the culture of Europe and China.

If you want to visit fashion shows and shows, to visit sales of all kinds of goods - then go to Shanghai!

The local flavor is East Nanjing Road Avenue with many branded stores and cozy shopping centers. Quite expensive novelties of modern fashion designers can boast of "Plaza 66".

It will be a great pleasure to walk along Miaoming and Chale, where the best examples of national clothes are hung.

The French quarter will surprise with an abundance of world brands from Dior, Chanel, Armani, Prada, Calvin Klein.

Thanks to direct deliveries from Suzhoy factories, such inexpensive high-quality silk products, you are unlikely to buy anywhere else.

If you have not been to Hong Kong yet , then the meaning of the concept “shopaholic paradise” is unknown to you.

The entire range of modern electronic equipment is presented in Fortress and Broadway shopping centers . Here are the best prices for Apple products.

Always crowded in Pacific Plaza, in the center.

Pleasantly pleased with the abundance of branded high-class clothing island "Harbor City" - the largest in Hong Kong .

A lot of interesting things in this regard awaits you on Canton Road.

Risk, as you know, is a noble cause. If you want to play roulette, go to the Indian sellers. But keep in mind that a beautiful, cheap fake is unlikely to please you for a long time.

In principle, all Chinese cities are similar to each other in terms of assortment and cost of goods and entertainment .

Of particular interest are:

  1. The world's first largest South China Mall in Dungan.
  2. Generous on discounts and sales of Theam Mall, Plaza, La Perla in Guangzhou.
  3. Russian-speaking market in Urumqi.

China Outlets

A special Chinese chip are real villages from the shops . They are located on the outskirts of the city. If you want "cheap and cheerful", then you are waiting for inexpensive stock shops and luxury boutiques with collections of past years.

The largest of them is the Scitech Premium Outlet Mall near Beijing Airport . The inconvenience of logistics is completely obscured by a possible saving of 30, or even 80%.

Shanghai FoxTown - 90 universal boutiques and free bus ride from the subway.

The most popular Hong Kong Citygate Outlets with its six dozen fashion stores.

Markets in China

So traditionally called modern retail space, equipped with the latest technology and comfort.

In Beijing, one cannot indifferently pass by the largest of them with beautiful names:

  • "Pearl" - a five-story exhibition center of this precious gift of the sea;
  • “Silk” - the name speaks for itself; Bargain to bring down the price;
  • wholesale Yabaolu is a holy place for Russian shuttles and businessmen from around the world.

You can not ignore the tea Malyangdao, as well as Panjayuan with its antiques and the traditional "flea".

Another attraction is Shanghai Dongtai . Although it is called antique, the main products here are well tampered with antique designs.

Among the retail space of Shanghai stand out:

  • "Kingdom" of clothing, shoes, electronics - Xiang Yang Fake Market;
  • clothes "capital" on the street Huahai;
  • a huge variety of fabrics and everything you need to work with them - st. Lujiaban
  • Saybermart's electronic world (Middle Huai Hai St.).

The thrill-seekers are waiting for the Hong Kong night market on Temple Street in Ya Ma Thai. Along with the game of chess, tourists can listen to the cute chatter of talking parrots and even meet girls of easy virtue.

Temple Street Night Market.

He acquired his second name “Street of Men”, becoming a film set for gangster films.

For women's shopping in Hong Kong, a Leidiz Market is provided.

On a note! In the Middle Kingdom, bargaining is always appropriate. The usual price is incredibly high, sometimes ten times, with the expectation of a future discount.

Shopping in China is an abundance and affordable prices. Its main advantage is the acquaintance with the rich and ancient history of this unique eastern country.