Shells - a sign of the most fashionable jewelry of 2019

Fashion is cyclical, and today jewelry from seafood is again in trend . Bracelets, necklaces and rings with shells appeared in the collections of fashion houses and immediately gained popularity among fashionistas around the world. Jewelry is a bit like childhood, the time when shell bracelets were brought home from a trip to the sea. At the same time, a real fashionista with the help of such an outlandish decoration will be able to emphasize her awareness of the hottest trends of this season .

Shell Decorations

This season, the marine theme is visible in all jewelry collections . Here you can find various products made of shells or in the form of outlandish sea shells. This jewelry always looks original and attractive. The girl will stand out among other women who are not aware of the modern fashion for jewelry.

Marine theme present in:

  • unusual earrings;
  • necklace from sea gifts;
  • bracelets;
  • rings with mother-of-pearl shells;
  • cuffs.

Important! Stylists advise combining unusual jewelry with bright, multi-colored "baubles" and gold bracelets. Do not restrain yourself, you can, like in childhood, put on a lot of them at once.

It is noteworthy that shells are one of the oldest jewelry that was used by women of all ages . In ancient times, girls hung a shell on a regular thread and wore it around their necks. Beautiful, mother of pearl, she made the image expressive and attracted attention to its owner. The richest ladies wore a shell hiding a pearl.

Today it makes no sense to emphasize your status by wearing full shells. It is enough to do just high-quality decoration made of half of a sea gimmick. It always looks stylish, especially in combination with light summer outfits.

How to wear shell jewelry

Summer is a short but very bright period when a woman can show herself in all its glory. Be sure to get yourself stylish flowing dresses, short sundresses, overalls and summer suits. This is the time when you can shine, even going to the store for shopping.

Consider the options for combining unusual jewelry with different outfits.

  • A light summer maxi dress will look great with sandals decorated with halves of shells or small shells. This image will remind you of a vacation on the coast and will look as summer-like as possible.
  • A linen two-piece suit with shorts goes well with large accessories in the form of a choker decorated with shells and a suitable bracelet. You can even add large earrings with marine motifs to the kit. And this will not be too much, on the contrary - it looks very stylish and bold!
  • A short summer dress in bright colors is wonderfully complemented by several bracelets with sea gifts . Such an image will remind you of the coast and create a romantic mood for the owner.

  • A youth dress or a short topic with shorts will look spectacular with a lot of multi-colored baubles on the hand, crowned with one large or several small bracelets with shells . The style of the teenager will very favorably emphasize the youth of the lady and her eccentricity in choosing an image.

Important! Designers are advised to use accessories from the sinks, even in evening dresses. It is enough to choose a more conservative option on a gilded or silver chain.

Such accessories always look favorably and distinguish a woman from the crowd. The image is obtained as summer, relaxed and romantic as possible. Representatives of the opposite sex will definitely pay attention to such an extraordinary girl who dreams about the coast of the sea.