Provocative and worst outfits at the Heat Festival in Baku 2019

In late July, the traditional song festival “Heat” -2019 was held in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, to which many guests gathered. Among them, artists from Russia predominated. We have collected the most unusual outfits of our stars that attracted the attention of viewers. Each artist sought to attract attention to himself with an original outfit decision. Someone succeeded, but someone outfit turned out to be extremely failure.

Trick of Nastya Kamensky

According to fashion critics, Nastya Kamensky's outfit was recognized as the worst and most outspoken. For her performance, the singer chose the song "Pop like Kim." The outfit corresponded ... The artist, one might say, was wearing underwear .

The translucent top of the suit covered his chest a little, bare priest and boots. She clearly forgot that she was performing in a Muslim country.

Ani Lorak

Slightly lost to Nastya Ani Lorak. She chose for her performance a translucent white dress that resembled the image of a bride. The openwork dress reminded grandmothers of starched lace. Corset beautifully emphasized the artist's chest. But something went wrong ...

Later on stage, Ani shone in another snow-white outfit. A short dress with a deep neckline was decorated with rows of fringe, and the cut showed tanned legs .

Olga Buzova

Nobody brought to the festival as many dresses as Olga Buzova changed . At the airport, Olga showed off a pale pink tracksuit, then walked along the embankment of the Azerbaijani capital in light shorts with a bright scarlet top .

In the evening, she decided to continue the gamut of outfits, presenting herself in front of the audience in a luxurious bright red dress, but it simply merged with the red carpet . A long train almost became the cause of the tragedy. While the artist was happy to pose in front of the audience, other invited artists followed her, one of whom almost got entangled in the train.

Before the performance, the actress put on a silver mini-dress in a linen style, and put on a flesh-colored jumpsuit for the performance itself and decorated itself with a mass of chains . A hairstyle in the form of many braids completed the image at the performance.

Katie Topuria

The singer in a transparent long dress of snow-white color with luxurious feathers looks more like a peignoir. The singer in him seemed completely naked. And the cut in front was just to underwear. We are used to seeing her in completely different vivid images.

Kirkorov and Sievert

The "king" of domestic show business did not want to lag behind the ladies. But in a duet with Siebert Philipp Bedrosovich performed in black. Their prototypes were the characters of the famous film "Leon" . Those who are not familiar with the plot of this motion picture suggested that the “king” tried on the role of the cat Basilio for his performance.

Olga Seryabkina

Olga's costume was incomprehensible. On the red carpet, she went in a fishnet dress decorated with rhinestones . The absolutely ridiculous and inappropriate dress was also poorly sewn: raw edges and tucks seized by a line were visible. Olga forgot that she came to a Muslim country, where a much more modest image of a woman was adopted.


The stylist of this artist clearly let us down. The chosen dress did not adorn Natalia, but only spoiled the figure. Wide at the shoulders, overloaded with a geometric pattern, it only spoils the appearance of a slender artist.

Albina Dzhanabaeva

For her exit, the singer chose a white dress with a complex top, which could not at all become the highlight of the outfit. In the presence of a beautiful figure and a bust, it was clearly overloaded. The asymmetric cape did not adorn the outfit of the elegant singer, but only made one shoulder cumbersome and reduced growth. The cut is too frank for Muslims.

Later, she posed with her husband in a dress with a long train made of two warm colors: pink and orange.

Irina Nelson

For Irina Nelson, who is actively involved in yoga and is interested in oriental culture, the choice of an image for the red carpet became inappropriate. The actress appeared in a dress that was at the same time similar to pajamas and a bathrobe .

Vera Brezhneva

Many called her costume the strangest among the outfits of festival guests. Vera appeared in a dress from Rasario, consisting of a skirt and a crop top . The singer did not supplement the laconic image with any jewelry, except for catkins. A slender, fit figure herself was the decoration of the dress. A long skirt with a slit successfully balanced the open top. The image turned out to be simultaneously sexual, attractive and mysterious, but completely inappropriate in Muslim Baku.

Julia Kovalchuk

On the track, Julia appeared in a black dress in a linen style, very reminiscent of a tunic. Why the performer decided to opt for such a costume for the solemn procession is not clear. It is clearly not for a solemn occasion, but for everyday.

Valeria and I. Prigogine

The couple posed in costumes that were far from their respectable image . Joseph in a shirt unbuttoned at the gate does not look like a successful producer, but like an unassembled office worker. Valeria, always so sophisticated, chose an outfit in which she looked older than her age. A trouser suit made of shiny fabric gave her the image of a young lady.

On the red carpet, the singer was dressed in a completely different style. A long dress with a train of fabric in a geometric pattern emphasized the fragile beauty of Valeria, in it she was the beauty that we know and love her.

Alexander Panayotov

He dressed for the ceremony as if he was going to college . Even the decorative decoration on the collar of the shirt did not help smooth the impression of the image.

Anita Tsoi

The singer demonstrated an outfit in ethnic style . The dress was attended by cranes and boats, all colorful, in the style of Southeast Asia . Only here is clearly not for the red carpet. Amid the abundance of drawings, the brooch, designed to decorate the outfit, simply disappeared.

The pop stars gathered at the festival competed with each other at each exit. Each of the artists sought to outdo each other. Not always it came out beautifully and unusual. I would like to hope that someday our artists will heed the criticism of Alexander Vasiliev, will begin to reckon with the rules of other countries, and will be more strict about their outfits and the image as a whole.