Is it possible to sleep in thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is designed for active sports and recreation. It is light and thin and is made using synthetic fibers. The structure of the tissue is a large number of small cells that create a layer of air between the body and the external environment. The part of the cells adjacent to the skin is designed to instantly absorb moisture, and the outer layer redistributes this liquid so that it evaporates quickly. This is the principle of any thermal underwear, regardless of the material from which it is made: polyester, microfiber, lycra, with or without the addition of natural fibers.

REFERENCE. The use of wool or cotton slightly changes the characteristics of special clothes, however, it changes tactile sensations. It is more pleasant to the skin.

The name "thermal underwear" can be misleading to customers. In fact, such linen does not warm, but retains the natural heat of the body due to the proper removal and distribution of moisture.

Whether to sleep in thermal underwear

In a dream, a person moves a little, respectively, emits little heat and sweats little. Thermal underwear in this case will not perform its basic functions. It turns into a tight-fitting set of fairly thin fabric. How comfortable a dream in such clothes will be depends on the situation, personal preferences and the quality of the linen. Most buyers say that they feel much better in warm, but fairly loose pajamas. However, some users do not mind thermal underwear made from natural fibers: it is pleasant, light, soft, it feels like a second skin.

Pros and cons for adults

Thermal underwear is not intended for sleeping. But in some cases, its use for this purpose may be justified:

  1. Indoor temperature is low.
  2. Thermal underwear is made of natural fibers.
  3. The subjective sensations from its use for sleep are very pleasant.
  4. The person has circulatory problems, limbs often freeze.

Against the use of thermal underwear for sleep, there are the following arguments:

  1. It does not warm if you do not move. That is, even in a cold room it is better to use flannel pajamas - there will be more heat.
  2. It is cramped and narrow, making circulation difficult. But this applies only to inexpensive and synthetic thermal underwear.

Why is it better to sleep without clothes:

  1. Even clothing made from natural fabrics compresses the skin and disrupts blood circulation. The absence of pajamas allows you to completely relax, relieve tension from the abdomen or genitals.
  2. It is good for the skin. Air access and natural body temperature contribute to the renewal of the epithelium.
  3. There is a risk of sweating in clothes, and sweat is an attractive medium for bacteria, they begin to multiply more intensively.
  4. Close linen, especially in the genital area, increases the risk of infertility in men or a decrease in sexual activity. To a lesser extent, the same applies to women.
  5. The psychological effect. The feeling of a completely free body relieves the stress accumulated during the day.

Is it possible for a child to sleep

The issue of dressing a child is resolved on the basis of common sense. It is necessary to assess the age of the child, the type of thermal underwear, its purpose and climate in the sleeping room.

All recommendations for the selection of clothing for sleep are reduced to the following rules:

  1. Pajamas should be looser than regular clothing.
  2. Non-natural materials should be avoided.
  3. No pressing seams or rubbing parts.

If the room is not cold, then the use of thermal underwear is not justified. Better let the skin breathe.

If we are talking about sleeping on the street while walking, or relaxing in cold rooms (for example, on trips), then properly selected thermal underwear will only benefit. In this case, be guided by the following points:

  1. Thinner linen is synthetics, made of natural fibers - a little thicker.
  2. Most popular for children: combined thermal underwear made of synthetics and cotton / wool.
  3. Sharpening of the coat will depend on individual sensitivity, but if there is concern that there will be an unpleasant sensation, you should choose two-layer underwear, for example, Melton, which has an inner cotton layer. Cashmere or natural silk items are also suitable.
  4. They buy thermal underwear exactly in size, without a margin, put on a naked body.
  5. Young children under 2 years old do not sweat much, it is better to abstain from sleep in thermal underwear. If the model is very comfortable, you should choose at least half consisting of natural fibers.
  6. Polyester is suitable for temperatures of + 5 ... -5 ° C, mixed: 0 ... -20 ° C, merino: - 10 ... -40 ° C.
  7. The best brands for children: Norveg (a large selection of organic cotton, merino wool), Janus, Guahoo, Huppa Frodo, Didriksons, Lassie. This is a very high-quality underwear that does not cause irritation on delicate children's skin, comfortable, soft.

Findings. You should focus on your own feelings. If thermal underwear brings only comfort and allows you to have a good rest, then it is suitable for sleeping. In other cases, it is better to give preference to classics: loose pajamas made of very high-quality natural materials, or the absence of clothes at all.