How to wear pink sneakers

Sneakers have not been personified exclusively with sports activities for a long time. Fashionistas boldly include them in a variety of images, composed for almost all occasions. Shoes themselves have also changed - designers are constantly experimenting with styles, textures and colors. Many brands produce feminine pink sneakers, but how to combine the bright detail of the wardrobe to make everything harmonious? Let's try to figure it out.

Features combinations with pink sneakers

Today, no one will be able to surprise anyone by complementing the casual look with sports shoes. Some world stars are not even shy about combining sneakers with cocktail and evening dresses. This does not mean that in sneakers you need to go to the theater, following their example. But with the right outfit, they will be appropriate at a party, shopping, meeting a loved one, and in many other situations. The main thing is to think over and correctly compose a fashionable bow.

If the models of basic colors are more or less clear, then non-standard shades make you seriously think. In this case, to create a harmonious image will have to take into account many factors. For example, you should know with what other colors pink shades are combined. Bright shoes are recommended to be combined with classic or muted colors:

  • White;
  • black
  • in blue;
  • gray
  • different brown shades.

It is desirable that the fashion ensemble was performed either only in cold or only in warm colors.

Important! Do not succumb to the temptation and dress in all the pink, otherwise it may turn out an awkward image of a “glamorous barbie”.

In addition to color, you need to remember the materials with which any sports shoes are successfully combined. Ideal:

  • Genuine and artificial leather;
  • denim;
  • cotton.

Accessories will help to complement the image, but here it’s important not to overdo it, since pink shoes in themselves are a bright accent. It is better to use some interesting detail of the same tone:

  • Delicate waist strap;
  • neck scarf;
  • pink watch strap;
  • decoration or hairpin.

Attention! According to stylists, a bag of the same color with shoes looks boring. It is better to choose an accessory with pink details (pockets, inserts or print).

A large selection of different models allows girls to look bright, stylish and feel comfortable, staying on their feet all day.

Fashionable pink sneakers

A wide range indicates the demand for women's pink sneakers. Well-known brands produce not only classic options for sports, but also radically different products from them. Let us consider in more detail the most popular solutions of recent seasons:

  • sports models (sneakers or boots) should be in the wardrobe of every girl. For everyday use, they will not work, and when performing physical exercises will be simply irreplaceable. Usually sports shoes are very light and comfortable, made of special textiles that allow the foot to breathe;
  • the main task of the "street" sneakers is to ensure comfortable walking. They are suitable for both sports and everyday wear. For the manufacture of various materials and methods of decoration;
  • boots - sneakers on a high platform sole remotely resemble traditional products. As a rule, they are made of leather and can be decorated with rhinestones. It looks very original and feminine;
  • hi - tops. They differ significantly from the previous model with a flat sole. Thanks to the delicate shade, bulky shoes do not look too massive and rough;
  • sneakers on a high platform can be called a trend of recent seasons. Any design is suitable for both a summer look and a fashionable look for the cold season.

Reference! Designers regularly experiment with various materials (textile, leather and varnish models are popular), as well as decor options (rhinestones, bows and lace are widely used).

Due to the existence of a large number of types of sneakers, finding a mate to your liking is not difficult. Such shoes can become a real highlight of an unremarkable, at first glance, image. The main thing is to correctly assemble a fashionable ensemble so that everything looks appropriate.

How to wear pink sneakers

Sneakers are a possible element of any informal image for everyday life, study, walks or dates. They will fit almost any clothing that suits you. According to stylists, the following combinations are most successful:

  • with jeans. Perhaps this is the most win-win option. It is worth giving preference to tight jeans or classic models;
  • with straight cropped trousers to the ankles. Creating such a bow, pick up the basic things of calm tones of a direct silhouette to the trousers;
  • with skirts and dresses. In contrast with sports shoes, an interesting and sophisticated look will be obtained if you complement it with a flying dress or a short fluffy skirt. Pink sneakers in pastel shades are also suitable for the business style of a skirt - a pencil;
  • with leather shorts (suitable for happy owners of slender legs);
  • As for outerwear, the combination of sports shoes and a classic coat is considered to be an actual decision of this season. A warm cardigan will fit perfectly into the delicate look (just don’t wear sneakers with a fur coat or a massive down jacket).

Even in sneakers, you can look elegant and feminine. The main thing is not to overload the image and make sure that everything is appropriate - you should not go to work shoes or sportswear in sports shoes, but otherwise everything should depend on your preferences and imagination.