How to wear leopard shoes

Many fashionistas would like to have in their wardrobe universal shoes with a leopard print. Yes, this is not surprising, because such shoes from any "Cinderella" can make a stylish and sexy princess. You just need to choose the right clothes.

Leopard print combination rules

The creator of the animal pattern on clothes and shoes is the famous Yves Saint Laurent. But modern girls are not averse to buying this bright outfit and unusual accessories associated with the skin of leopards, giraffes and zebras.

But in order not to look tasteless in these extravagant things, you must follow certain rules.

Avoid the Leopard Leopard

True harmony of the image can be achieved by complementing such a print of shoes with similar accessories. For example, shoes and sandals go well with a spectacle frame of the same color, a belt or handbag, and over the knee boots with gloves of the same color. A very stylish addition will be a manicure in the form of the skin of this predatory beast.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to wear any leopard shoes and clothes in the same color scheme. the excess of “leopard” will make your image vulgar and vulgar!

Black classic

True nobility can be achieved by combining this print of shoes and black things. For example, stylish business women like to wear such shoes with black trousers, a midi skirt or a “pencil” complete with a milky-colored blouse (photo).

An excellent evening outfit will be a little black dress from Chanel with boots or shoes “under the leopard”. It’s nice to dilute this look with gold jewelry.

Advice! Avoid the pattern or mesh in pantyhose. This wardrobe item should be plain beige.

Plain clothes

Shoes “under the leopard” gravitate to the traditional shades of beige, coffee, gold, sand, ocher, wood. This applies to all clothes regardless of models: jumpsuits, suits, cocktail and tight dresses, skirts, trousers, pullovers, blouses.

Sometimes leopard coloring is exotic, in blue or green. To choose clothes should be similar, preferring calm tones.

Advice! Avoid red - this bright color is itself too daring, so with a leopard print it will become frankly vulgar.

Casual wear

Leopard shoes are the perfect challenge to the monotony of your favorite black, dark blue, white jeans . Whereas on light T-shirts and sweaters, a pastel pattern is quite acceptable.

These shoes and boots are effectively combined with leggings and leggings complete with tunic.

Fashionable dress lovers often use the win-win option: a long coat of black or beige fabric + leopard boots .

Advice! To ensure that this fashionable shoe emphasizes the style you have chosen, never wear bright colorful items with it.

A skillful combination of a “leopard” with the same clutch, shaded by a plain dress, strict jewelry, classic gold gizmos, will help to create a truly charming and attractive look.

On a note! Accessories with a leopard ornament must always be of high quality so that they do not look rough.

What to wear leopard shoes with?

The strong contrast of the picture “under the leopard” does not interfere with its harmonious combination with many warm shades of pink, blue, green, purple, brown, black and various styles .

It is best to buy fashionable ensembles, which already include the appropriate accessories in the form of a scarf, belt, handbag or the clothes themselves have such inserts.

Among the fashion kits include the following:

  • shoes / ballet shoes + plain jeans + a t-shirt of a light shade (possible with a dim pattern) + brown (wood, mustard) cardigan / vest;
  • ballet flats + plum-colored leggings + milk-colored tunic + sand bag + glasses frame with a similar print.

Business style

Business women do not need to be afraid of “a la leopard” shoes if they prefer to wear business suits made of lightweight material of a warm light shade.

This print fits perfectly into the color scheme, suitable for the business style - white, gray, brown.


A set of “predatory” prints of shoes with plain trousers and a topic, as well as bright outerwear and matching jewelry will give the image its originality .

In this outfit, you can go to a romantic meeting, visit a friendly party in a cafe, go to the cinema.

Important! Only two or three bright accents can be included in the kit, the main one of which is “leopard-like” shoes.

Fashionable classics are the so-called “boat shoes” with such a pattern ; jewelry in the form of black-colored bows, all kinds of floral brooches, belts, lacing are well suited to them.

What to wear leopard boots and boots with?

High leopard boots in the style of a “leopard” are the lot of bold and decisive beauties. Typically, women are much more comfortable in ankle boots of this kind .

At the same time, a predatory print may well be diluted with black or brown inserts. This opens up scope for new combinations and selection of clothes.

Casual style (street youth)

This style involves wearing similar ankle boots with tight-fitting trousers or skirts, complete with tops and jackets. The main thing is that the color scheme of the sets is concise with the predominance of black, gray, beige.

Other prints are quite suitable for the “leopard” by analogy with animal coloring.

Advice! Lacing, leather inserts, a variety of leopard accessories are worn only with a plain dress.

Looks great: tight-fitting laced leather trousers + pastel-colored coats + black top + heeled ankle boots or flat soles.

So women and girls should not avoid leopard-colored shoes. With a skillful combination, such shoes and ankle boots will give your image not only sexuality, but also make it truly stylish and sophisticated. Do not be afraid to experiment with different models of clothes and you will definitely not get lost in a continuous stream of people.