How to wear jumpsuit so as not to look monotonous

The life of a modern woman proceeds in a difficult rhythm. She has a lot of things to do during the day, and the busiest is morning. Unfortunately, there is very little time left for ourselves. Overalls will help to save on creating an attractive image and look good at the same time .

This is a ready-made set of clothes, which is enough to supplement with appropriate shoes and accessories. But many women do not know how to look stylish and elegant with this model. Let's take a closer look at how to choose the right instance and with what to combine it.

The peculiarity of women's overalls

The creators of the jumpsuit suggested that it would be used as a working option for men. In America, in particular, pilots were the first to wear them. But over time, this item appeared in the women's wardrobe.

Variety of models

Currently, there are many different models that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Using various materials and styles, designers offer us options for any occasion.

To work

For office attire, it is better to choose a textile variation. The most suitable model will be in cotton or suit fabric of a classic cut. It is undesirable to use things with short pants.

Attention! When choosing a jumpsuit for a working wardrobe, do not forget about the dress code. Strong exposure to the neckline and back, as well as hoodie and baggy structures should be avoided.

For an evening out

Evening attire is usually sewn from velvet, silk or satin (or other easily drapeable material). The length can be either short or long.

Often products are richly decorated with sequins, beads or rhinestones. Such outfits are often much more open.

On every day

For informal communication, walking and shopping, the jeans outfit will be the best outfit.

Due to the characteristics of this fabric, such a thing is able to last a long time. This variation can be of various styles: with short or long legs, with sleeves and straps, tight or loose, and so on. This diversity unites the original material.


To create an attractive and stylish look is not enough to choose an outfit that matches the situation. It is also required to focus on the individual characteristics of the figure.

Let's talk about the most problematic types of addition.

For low

If you are short, then choose models that are flared from the hip or products with short trousers and a high waistline.

It is required to supplement such an outfit with high-heeled shoes or platform shoes.


For owners of a pear-shaped figure, options with an open upper part, without sleeves and not too wide cut are suitable, classic ones are better.

"An Apple"

For girls with an apple type, a design is suitable, the lower part of which is made in the form of shortened bloomers.

Attention! If you are overweight, avoid tight options. Choose things from light, flowing fabrics.

How to create different images with overalls

When creating a stylish image, not the least role is played by the correct selection of additional items: t-shirts or tops, shoes and accessories (belts, handbags, jewelry). And even the same jumpsuit can look different if supplemented with different gizmos . Consider a few winning combinations.

With a belt

Plain clothes can be made more noticeable and attractive if you gird with a bright belt.

With t-shirt

A new variation comes from a combination with a t-shirt.

Reference. A special chic of this season is a strap lowered from one shoulder.

With a blouse

Denim also goes well with a blouse.

With turtleneck

The winning combination is obtained when completing the outfit with a turtleneck.

With a jacket

If the weather outside requires warmth, then a stylish jacket or jacket can be thrown over the office outfit, complementing it with matching high-heeled shoes.

With decorations

If you put on an open-top model, then it is worth adding a neckline with the appropriate decorations. In this quality, beautiful beads, necklaces or chains can be used.

As you can see, you can wear one jumpsuit for several days in a row and look different every day.