How to wash angora sweater

Among lovers of cozy things, despite the rather high price, products made from natural angora are popular - woolen fabric, which is based on the fluff of individual breeds of angora rabbit or goat. And there is a simple explanation for this. Due to the properties that create an unrivaled feeling of warmth and care, clothes made from this fabric are rather highly valued and occupy a worthy position in the market.

By purchasing such a wonderful, delicate and fluffy thing like angora sweater, any buyer least of all thinks about how he will subsequently wash it and take care of it. After all, the product is new and it is literally riddled with airiness and affection, but over time, such a product loses its consumer qualities and initial gloss. Spools form on the sweater, fluffiness loses volume, and the fibers are glued together and we see absolutely not what we bought. But do not despair!

Important! If you follow the recommendations described below, you can easily return the original look and sophistication of your favorite thing.


For perfect washing, we need any baby soap, preferably white and without additional dyes and creams, as well as glycerin, which is sold in any nearby pharmacy or specialized soap store.

Important! Conventional laundry detergents, harsh detergents and bleaches are not recommended.

Even despite the advertising characteristics, which indicate that they are intended for such material, you can ruin the thing.

For reference! Soap can be replaced with ordinary baby shampoo, but it is fraught with the fact that at the moment of washing you will get too much foam and then removing it will be very problematic, so it is better to choose soap.

Then we collect water in a container where we will do the washing; the water temperature should not exceed forty degrees, and preferably in the range of 36–37. Checking this is easy even without a thermometer, just drop water on the back of your wrist and if you feel a difference, you just need to adjust the temperature by adding warm or cold water.

Next, crumble the soap, we do this operation with a kitchen knife to obtain finer chips and add a spoonful of glycerin. Thoroughly mix the resulting composition and lower the sweater there. Be sure to turn the product inside out before washing. We carefully and gently wash it, and then rinse it, it is advisable to repeat this procedure several times.

Important! After rinsing, gently squeeze the sweater, without applying force, otherwise you will deform the fabric. The next stage is drying, we'll talk about this later.

Washing machine

If you decide to wash the sweater in the machine, then the first thing to do is to carefully study the recommendations from the manufacturer, reading them on the label. As a rule, this is a wash in the manual mode or in the “Delicate wash” mode. It is worth noting that the use of detergents is identical, as for hand washing. Important: it is not recommended to carry out the spinning procedure at any speed, otherwise you will have to say goodbye to the initial look of your sweater.

The main stage is drying

But the most important and crucial step in both hand washing and using a machine is the correct and safe drying of your product.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to hang a crude sweater on various ropes, dryers and other household appliances. Also, do not rush the drying process of the sweater by placing it on heating appliances or batteries.

To get started, take a large dry terry towel with a large pile and wrap our wet sweater in it, do it carefully and accurately. And we are waiting for the towel to absorb excess moisture. And only then carefully lay out our product on a flat horizontal surface, it is desirable that a fresh dry terry towel lay on it. Thanks to such a long and not easy drying procedure, we will return the presentable appearance of the sweater that was upon purchase.

Little tricks to add fluffiness

Well, the last stage is the return of the former splendor or fluffiness. To do this, you just need to comb the sweater gently with a soft-brushed brush.

Advice! Please note that the brush movements should be directed along the pile, and at the very end do a little scratching against the coat.

If you follow all the nuances of gentle care, your favorite sweater will delight you for a long period. It is worth noting that all of the above tips can rightly be attributed to any things and products made from this amazing fabric (hats, mittens or socks).