How unusual it is to pack regular socks by February 23: 7 original ways

Socks as a gift? Is it too boring and monotonous? So many ladies think, devoting a lot of time to thinking about what to give to a man. Meanwhile, everyone needs socks and always ! Therefore, do not refuse to purchase a quality pair or two for the holiday. And we will tell you how to present socks so that the everyday thing becomes a bright and original surprise.

Brother, friend, colleague who remember the service

If any of your relatives are sure that February 23 is an occasion to recall the glorious army past, do not disassure it. Why not? Moreover, your present in the form of a tank will give an additional reason for this.

For the tank you will need several pairs of socks . Some of them need to be rolled up, and then lay them on the basis. For her, take either one of the socks, or a suitable gift paper.

The upper level is not only a tower, which is made in the same way, but also the barrel of a gun. It can be easily made from the same roll or from a bottle of champagne, cognac or another drink prepared as a gift.

Such a gift, of course, is suitable for any man, even if he was not a tanker.

TIP! As an alternative, it is not difficult to make an aircraft, not a tank.

Father, father-in-law, grandfather, whom the whole family obeys

A gift packed for a serious person will look solid. You will need any gift box, as well as mastering the decoupage technique .

Paste the packaging with suitable paper, paint and age the wooden box. It remains only to make the appropriate inscriptions, for example, such.

Beloved man, even if he did not serve in the army at all

There are many options for decorating presents for your beloved man.

  • It can be a “sweet” box remotely resembling those that your husband gives you.

  • You can do without packaging at all, presenting an unusual “cake” .

  • And if the spouse does not like sweets, give him “ sushi” . Also from socks!

TIP! To make sushi from textiles, it is better to use products of different colors.

  • Another option is a bouquet . Yes, yes, men can also give a bouquet! Especially if you make it from several sock pairs.

As you can see, if you add a little imagination, a little zeal to the socks you bought as a gift, you get an original gift! He will be dear to the attention and love with which you will make him!