How sneakers ruined the star image

Sneakers have long ceased to be exclusively sports shoes. Most women are accustomed to the universal type of shoe and actively use it in everyday looks. Sneakers look good with both trousers and jeans, and with dresses. But sometimes the sense of style fails, and the set is not so spectacular or fundamentally spoiled. Even eminent stars, who, it would seem, are accustomed to dress stylishly and beautifully in any situation, are not immune from this.

When sneakers are not the best choice

Many stars today choose sneakers as shoes for various sets. And it can be not only everyday bows, but also outfits designed for a star exit on the red carpet. Often, such exits become a real shock to fans. And all because the shoes, which were once exclusively athletic, frankly do not fit the chosen costume.

See for yourself, these are pretty vivid examples of tasteless images.

Cara Delevingne

Kara's trouser velvet suit looks great. She is very attractive and sexy, especially since the girl decided not to wear underwear under a tuxedo, and her deep neckline reveals a little more than allowed by decency.

However, the ridiculous sneakers that complemented the outfit of Kara, do not fit into such a sophisticated look . The slip did not go unnoticed by fashion critics.

Kaley Cuoco

Stylish Kaylee sneakers would look great with jeans for a walk or in a sporty look for a run.

But the combination with a brilliant cocktail dress when entering the red carpet makes one doubt the taste of the girl.

Bella Hadid

Teenage sneakers themselves raise a lot of questions . And in combination with a dark leather cloak and a gray trouser suit, there are even more questions.

Kristen Stewart

The young actress is known for her dislike of classic dresses and shoes . But you still have to dress up on the red carpet. With one of these exits, a “miss” came out.

The girl decided to complement the short cocktail dress in a light milky shade with blue shabby sneakers . At the same time, the shoes looked as if they were not removed and were actively used for several years.

Hilary Swank

Hilary always looks quite stylish and attractive. But once stylists let her down, considering that black sneakers would be the best choice for a boring short black dress. Oscar winner looked very boring and inexpressive .

Gwen Stefani

The singer often changes her sense of style. So this time, everything could have looked quite decent and even stylish ... If the singer hadn’t decided to add “high jeans” with high red sneakers and ridiculous green sunglasses.

Important! Ridiculous images with unsuccessfully selected sneakers are the prerogative of not only star women.

Ed sheeran

At one of the official events, he was spotted in a totally dark bow, to which he picked up high red sneakers. As a result, in this outfit he resembled a goose .

Many stars “sin” with improperly chosen images that make their stylists ask questions. And if in everyday life it is not so scary, then on the red carpet it looks doubly ridiculous and terrifying.

How not to make mistakes by shoe sneakers

Stylists note that there is nothing wrong with sneakers correctly matched to an elegant dress. They may even be appropriate on the red carpet or a formal event. But when compiling a fashionable look, several criteria should be considered.

Particular attention should be paid to such points:

  • Girl's complete set. With short dresses and multi-tiered short skirts, for example, with a tutu, large sneakers look as inappropriate and even comical as possible. Especially if the girl is tiny.
  • Color combinations . Sneakers should not be too bulky, with a wide variety of colors. Ideal if they are made in shades of the dress itself.
  • The overall style of the image . Some dissonance is allowed between classic dresses and shoes. But this should be an easy and laid-back deviation from generally accepted rules, and not a heavy addition to a thin dress.

A sense of style is a very subtle substance that sometimes fails its masters. Stylists in pursuit of spectacular images also often become victims of fashion. Therefore, it is better to be more modest in your outfits and not shock the audience with ridiculous combinations.