How many disposable underpants to take to the hospital

Disposable gynecological panties are special underwear for women in the postpartum period. They have a number of features that ensure a comfortable stay in the ward after a natural birth or cesarean section. Thanks to the soft, elastic material, panties securely fit the woman's hips, fixing a sanitary pad, preventing leakage.

Going to the hospital, future mothers do not always know exactly how many such panties they need to take with them. Let's figure it out together.

Appointment of disposable underpants after childbirth

In many maternity hospitals in our country, ordinary linen in the postpartum unit is prohibited. Doctors warn women in labor that they need to purchase disposable panties and special sanitary pads for them. As a rule, this item is included in the obligatory list of things that you need to take with you to the hospital.

The purpose of disposable underwear is the reliable fastening of a sanitary towel to the body, as well as providing comfort to a woman who has gone through the birth process. Soft and easily stretching material allows you to feel as comfortable as possible, the fabric does not rub sensitive skin, does not cause allergic reactions, does not press on the seams, if any.

Disposable underwear has a number of advantages .

  • Very light . The box, which includes 5 pairs of panties, is very small and almost weightless. This is very important when collecting bags at the hospital.
  • Do not stretch . Even after prolonged wear, the fabric does not stretch.
  • The sanitary pad is well fixed . Normal laundry squeezes the pad, causing leakage. Gauze panties help to place hygiene items in an anatomically correct shape.
  • Take the desired shape. Panties easily adapt to any figure and structural features of a woman's body.

Important! Some women in labor even wash their favorite panties, rinsing under running water. This does not affect the quality of the product, but at the same time saves the consumption of comfortable linen.

Usually in a pack of disposable panties is 5 pairs . It is believed that this is enough for going to the hospital, provided that the woman in labor will change them once a day. Some ladies have to buy sterile underwear if the discharge after delivery is too plentiful. However, in most cases, one pack is enough.

What determines the number of disposable underpants for the hospital

Most girls, sharing their experience in various forums and social networks, note that one pack of disposable underwear will be enough . After childbirth, the woman is kept under the supervision of the medical staff of the hospital for about 5 days. This is exactly the number of days for which purchased panties are enough. If necessary, they can be rinsed right in the sink, they dry very quickly.

But some girls complain about copious discharge in the postpartum period, when even the most expensive and super absorbent pads do not save. In this case, the amount may be increased .

Important! The main thing is to understand that if necessary, the husband or relatives will be able to deliver the missing things to the hospital. Thus, if a woman does not have enough disposable panties, she can always ask to get their spouse.

A thing that is convenient in the postpartum period can often come in handy in a home setting . Especially if there are fresh stitches left after childbirth. Soft mesh fabric does not press and perfectly fits the body, preventing leakage. In addition, modern materials ensure the safety of women in labor, without causing allergic reactions and irritations.