How to make a beard from threads

Beard is an indispensable attribute when creating costumes for the New Year photo shoot or carnival. If you imagine that in the image, for example, of Santa Claus there is no beard, then all the charm and charm of the character is immediately lost. The same can be said about the costume of the gnome, the pirate. And if you make a beard that is long to the floor, it will immediately become clear that in front of you is a fairy-tale character Karabas Barabas. It is the beard that completes the image, so you need to buy or make it yourself for the costume.

You can make a beard from cotton wool, a wig, but the most affordable and plausible option is to work on the basis of threads. Almost all needlewomen have threads at home, plus you can always dissolve an old sweater or scarf.

Materials and Tools

A beard from threads is made according to the principle of making a fringe: the yarn is attached using a crochet hook.

The work must begin with a search for the patterns of the basis on which the threads will be fixed. A plastic mesh is suitable as a basis.

If this is difficult to find, then you can do an alternative. Choose a more or less dense fabric, similar in color to yarn. Transfer the pattern and cut the base from a suitable material. And then lay parallel lines “wide zigzag” along the entire height, starting from the bottom. For these lines then a hook and a fringe will be attached. The fact is that to fix the yarn you need to start from the bottom .

So, for the manufacture you will need the following.

  • Medium sized crochet hook .
  • The basis of plastic mesh or quilted fabric.
  • Acrylic threads for knitting about 350 m.
  • Scissors .
  • Linen elastic for fixing the beard - 30-40 cm.

Important! When searching for yarn, you need to give preference to acrylic threads, they are much more pleasant and practical than woolen ones. Yarn based on pure wool “pricks”, as a result, the skin will be irritated and itchy.

If you need a brown beard, then it is better to mix several similar colors. This will make it more natural, and visually it will seem more voluminous.

Step-by-step instructions for making a beard

A working tool for creating an accessory will be a crochet hook. Using it is very easy to make a fringe.

The elastic is fixed at the very end . First sew on one side, then check if the tension is loose. If necessary, remove the excess and sew on the second edge of the elastic.

  • First of all, you need to prepare pieces of yarn . To do this, you need a piece of cardboard or a flat, solid rectangular object. This will be the template for measuring yarn. The length of the cardboard should match the length of the beard . You need to wrap the threads on the template with a thick layer, and then cut on one of the sides. The result is strands for attaching to the base.

  • We begin to knit a fringe on a grid or on fabric. It is necessary to take two threads and fix it with a loop . Step - through one hole on a plastic mesh or through one stitch in a line on a fabric.
  • The threads need to be kept at the bottom of the warp, crocheted through the loop of the stitch or “window” in the net, grabbed in the middle, stretched from the bottom up . A loop will be formed on the hook, and threads hang down below.

  • Now they need to be hooked and dragged through the loop and tightened . That's the whole process, so gradually knit over the entire surface of the base.

Important! It is recommended to start knitting from the bottom, then go to the top, mustache and finish by mouth.

Most of the volume of yarn should be fixed in the lower rows of the warp. At the top, you need to attach a minimum of yarn, since the beard will puff to the sides, and the threads climb into the mouth and interfere.

To make a mustache, you need to take about thirty pieces of thread and tie them to

the top of the base for the middle. Just tie a long thread, after which its ends are attached to the mustache. Attach the tips of the mustache to the base symmetrically.

You should check if there is enough density and splendor, if not, then add more yarn. It is also necessary to watch that all edges of the base are masked. If everything is in order, it remains only to sew on an elastic band.

In the end, you may need to make the final touch - trim, aligning the ends to make the shape clearer. So the beard is ready for the costume.