How to install roller shutters

Roller shutters today can be safely called the most stylish and relevant solution in the field of ensuring reliable security of any real estate, city apartments and country houses.

In this article, we will examine in more detail the main purpose of the roller shutter, installation instructions and expert advice that can also help you complete everything quickly and efficiently.

The purpose of the roller shutter

Roller shutters are an optimized modern version of conventional shutters, which is a metal sheet that slides along the guides for opening or closing.

Their main purpose is to note:

  • Protection from vandalism and robbery - to crack them, you will need special tools for cutting metal, which create a lot of noise. To ensure greater security, you can equip them with an alarm.
  • Improving the sound insulation of housing - when closed, they are able to reduce the noise level by about 12-15 dB, depending on the model, which is very important for buildings located next to the carriageway or railway passage.
  • Regulation of the degree of illumination in the room - roller shutters can be opened fully or partially.
  • Additional thermal insulation - rolling systems with lamellas, which are filled with insulation from the inside, which allows to reduce heat loss by about 20%.
  • Decorating the facade of the building - you can find a lot of models produced in a wide variety of colors and design variations. By the individual order, lamellas with the image of trees, flowers, ornaments and other elements can be produced that will perfectly complement the exterior of the building.

Roller shutter assembly tips

Functionality and design design determines the type of installation work.

At the same time, it is important to responsibly approach this process and strictly follow the established requirements and quality standards:

  • the box is installed strictly horizontally, and with respect to the guides - at a right angle;
  • it is impossible to allow bending of a roller shutter or a box according to the relief of the wall, therefore the preliminary working area is leveled and carefully prepared for installation work in the future.

To ensure that the roller shutters are always in good condition, it is important to keep all structural elements clean and regularly maintained.

How to install roller shutters

The installation process can be carried out in various ways. The most simple is worth noting outdoor installation. In this case, it is not necessary to prepare a special niche.

The box is mounted above the window opening, and the shutters are to the side of it. This type of installation applies if windows are already installed. The box protrudes slightly beyond the plane of the wall of the building.

With the built-in installation type, all elements are mounted on internal slopes. It is selected for windows of solid size, and the light opening is slightly blocked. This method is the most practical and resistant to hacking.

The combined type of installation requires the construction of a special recess above the window opening. It is the most time-consuming and costly, so it is rarely used.

What fasteners can be used?

  • plastic dowels - suitable if the wall of the building is made of monolith or concrete;
  • steel expansion anchors - used when installing roller shutters in a window opening made of a material with numerous internal voids;
  • self-tapping screws - are used for mounting on metal structures;
  • tie rods or screws - are used for attaching to wooden structures.

All controls are attached with special plastic dowels.

Step-by-step instructions for installing roller shutters

Preparation for installation

It is preliminary important to check the window opening, since the difference in size between the diagonals and other inaccuracies will contribute to the loss of tightness of joints.

Accordingly, reduced security, sound insulation and other indicators. The surface to which the box will be attached must be perfectly flat without defects or irregularities.

Box assembly and installation

Below we consider in more detail the installation process of roller shutters in an overhead way.

First of all, shutters are prepared: they are laid out on a flat surface, after which holes are drilled in them for subsequent attachment to the surface.

After this, the box is prepared. A lid is applied to it, after which 2 holes are drilled on both sides. At the end of installation work, special rivets are installed. The hole is also worth drilling for the placement of the drive. After that, the shutters are connected to the box.

To perform marking, the frame is applied to the window opening, all dimensions and diagonals of the structure are carefully checked. The maximum possible deviation is 2 mm.

After the marking is applied, all the elements are removed and holes are drilled.

When attaching the frame to the wall, it is important to remove the protective film and fix the structure in accordance with technical recommendations and quality parameters.

Installation of a cloth

Rings are mounted on the shaft at a distance provided in accordance with the technical specifications.

At the ends of the profile, the crossbars are fixed, after which the canvas is wrapped and winds up in shutters. Traction springs are fixed in the shaft holes. After that, the assembled box closes. Installed plugs must be treated with sealant.

Drive connection

The final step is the connection of automation. In this case, it is important to strictly observe a number of rules:

  • electrical circuits are located in special junction boxes;
  • for connection, it is worth picking up a wire whose cross section is from 0.75 mm2;
  • for each type of electric motor it is worth choosing a separate cable.

Following all the above tips and recommendations of specialists, you can make competent installation of rolling shutters yourself with minimal difficulties and time costs.

In the absence of sufficient experience, it is worth seeking the professional help of masters who will quickly and competently perform the whole range of work in this direction.