How to fasten a belt with two rings?

A variety of accessories that can please even the most demanding fashionista. One of the most popular products in this category is the belt . The classic version of the belt with one buckle, everyone can fasten it. But what about the two-ring belt?

Belt with two rings - what kind of fashion is it and where did it come from?

A belt is an ancient accessory created by a primitive man. Previously, it was used to maintain clothing and accommodate items on hand.

Later, cold steel and firearms began to cling to the belt. The material for the manufacture were: leather, animal hair, plants, tree bark, less often fabric . Over time, the product began to perform not only practical, but also aesthetic, and even sacred function. With his help, the ladies emphasized a slender camp, complemented their image. And in Russia, a belt was tied on girls from infancy to protect from the evil eye, to strengthen female energy.

The belt with two rings was first used by the military. He reliably tightened the mold, was durable and easy to manufacture. Military equipment was placed on the belt.

Nowadays, such a belt is most often in demand as a decorative element. They make it from leather, natural or synthetic fabric fibers and even plastic. For the manufacture of rings use wood, metal or plastic.

How to fasten a belt with two rings: a detailed instruction

Fastening a belt with two rings is simple, the main thing is to follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Take the free edge of the product and thread it through two rings at once.
  2. Insert the free edge between the buckles.
  3. Lock the accessory by tightening the edge.

Thus, the accessory is beautifully straightened, performing its main function.

If you are unable to fasten the belt on yourself, practice holding it in your hands. So, you can quickly understand how the tying mechanism works.

Are there any other ways to tie a belt with 2 rings?

The combination of beauty and practicality is a standard way to tie a belt. There are several more options, however, the best classics have not yet come up with anything.

Where and in what can I go in the belt on the rings?

The belt with rings goes well with various outfits. Manufacturers delight with a wide range of belts, annually replenishing the collection with new, unusual models. Thanks to this, you can choose a belt for every occasion. And for those who want to get an exclusive product, it is recommended to do it yourself, for example, using the macrame technique.

A leather accessory with large rings is perfect for daily wear with outerwear: a fur coat, down jacket, coat, jacket . If the strap is thin and made of fabric, it can be worn with a blouse or dress of a wide cut in the office or in an educational institution. For socks with trousers, shorts or jeans, it is better to give preference to a medium-width product with massive metal rings and decor.

The accessory will help visually adjust the figure. If you want to focus on a thin waist or hips, select a product whose color will contrast with the color of the main outfit. Combining a thin belt with a maxi dress for an evening event, you can “stretch” the silhouette, focusing on the chest.

For multi-colored clothes, a plain-colored model of a neutral shade is better. For a monophonic outfit, you can choose a strap with a pattern or a decor of stones.