How to decorate a black dress?

Any fashionista wants to emphasize her personality with a beautiful outfit. The dress in black is a classic version that never goes out of style .

But what if a similar outfit is available for a long time and has already managed to get bored with the order?

It’s easy to update a boring product by decorating it yourself using one of the following methods.

We decorate a black plain dress with our own hands

A variety of materials are used for decoration. It can be ribbons, rhinestones, beads, beads, flowers made of textiles, multi-colored lace, artificial pearls and other similar products (photo).


A small black dress will be an excellent backdrop for your favorite jewelry. A nicely pinned elegant brooch, shining brightly on a black background, can significantly transform even the most boring and inexpressive outfit . Jewelry with light natural stones (pink quartz, rhinestone, turquoise) well refresh the complexion, adding softness and romance to the image.

Advice! Epaulettes pinned on their shoulders look good on a similar outfit.

The brooch can be placed on the dress in an unusual way (for example, on the strap or on the back) so that it acts as a “plot-forming” element.

Belt (belt) and bows

If the style of the black dress allows, you can decorate it with a thin strap. The belt can act as a contrasting detail that can make the outfit more expressive. A golden or silver belt is perfect for such a dress. A black patent leather belt goes well with a black tunic dress . In general, you need to select this accessory by color and texture so that it harmonizes well with the dress.

You can use bows of the same color with the dress or other preferred shades. The material of these elements is also different. Satin, silk, lace, suede and leather bows are perfect for this purpose. Typically, this type of decor is placed on the shoulders, straps, waist and lower back.

Advice! If you sew several small bows on your chest, you get an original imitation of buttons.

Lace and mesh

The upper part of a simple dress in a classic style is easy to revive with white or black lace. In particular, a spectacularly similar decor will look on the dress on the floor . Beautifully complemented by a similar outfit attached to the hem black lace. To create a bolder image, you should use red lace or other contrasting shades.

If the dress does not have sleeves, you can do without sewing. It is enough to put on a thin transparent blouse made of mesh material. The usual outfit will immediately radically change.

Collars and cuffs

You can sew on a similar outfit with a beautiful white collar and cuffs. This method will give the product a spectacular contrast. A modest product, complemented by cuffs and a collar, will create the image of a stylish erudite lady.

To make an Art Nouveau outfit, you can attach a leather collar to it (black or color). To create a spectacular evening outfit, a black dress can be decorated with beads, beads or shimmering sequins. If there is no desire to sew something, you can purchase a decoration made in the shape of a collar.

Decorate with rhinestones or stones

You can also use sewn acrylic rhinestones for decoration, decorating them with the neckline or neckline of the dress. To make it easy to sew on rhinestones, it is recommended that you first attach them to the dress in the form of the selected pattern with glue (for this purpose you can use the glue “Moment”).

After the rhinestones are firmly glued to the surface, for extra strength they should be additionally sewn onto the product using a needle and thread.

Fabric flowers

Making such textile decorations is easy enough. To do this, cut out an even circle from the fabric and lightly scorch the edges so that later threads do not fall out of the flower. For one flower, 4 of these circles are enough. Each part must be folded in half and sewn together in the central part.

You can decorate such flowers with large beads by placing them in the center. It takes about 20 minutes to make one flower. Such decor will look very impressive and original.


Manual and machine embroidery is capable of unrecognizable transformation of a boring outfit. This task is easy to cope even without experience, because you can effectively dress a dress with the help of simple stitches.

You can embroider a cuff zone and a neckline area with beads. If you embroider a similar outfit of black in the collar and pockets with a gold pattern, this will make the outfit royally elegant.


The cuff area and neckline can also be decorated with decorative braid by sewing it in the desired area. A braid with a lace edge will effectively refresh the neck. It can also be sewn in a more complex way, repeating the bends of the body.

To create a fashionable and elegant decor, you can sew on an oblique ribbon of silk to decorate the neck, bottom or sleeves. You can apply for this purpose a tape in tone or any preferred shade.

Important! It is not recommended to use more than three areas on the product for such a finish.

Clear case

A small amount of transparent tulle, beautifully decorated in the shoulders, waist or on the belt, will create an elegant and fashionable image. You can also sew a transparent cover for the dress from mesh material, which, despite its simplicity, can significantly change the image.

A bright and non-standard addition to a black dress will also be a woven lurex cape .

Shirt, blouse

With dresses of certain styles, you can wear a top, white shirt or blouse. Such an outfit will always have a fresh and stylish look. It is not necessary to dwell solely on white, you can choose a product of any color.

With a black outfit, all colors look harmonious . To make the image seem as laid-back as possible, you can tuck the shirt sleeves.

Throw over shoulders

A very feminine and at the same time fashionable solution will be a short jacket made of leather, casually thrown over the shoulders. A lace cardigan intercepted by a strap is good for a party.

A simple black sundress dress can be effectively decorated with an elegant lace wrap. To create an elegant look, it is recommended to choose a cloak of transparent material, an elegant bolero or a boa made of natural fur.

Decorating an old black dress with your own hands is a great option, allowing you to breathe new life into a boring model, making it an almost new outfit. This will help to diversify the wardrobe and effectively shine in the updated dress with friends and colleagues.