Elizabeth restricted access to royal jewelry

According to the Daily Mail, which cites a source close to Buckingham Palace, Prince Charles’s sister-in-law has restricted access to the Windsor jewelry.

Who and why did Elizabeth forbid to touch the royal jewelry?

It turns out that Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, fell out of favor. Her Majesty did not like the high demands and extravagance of the wife of the younger grandson. In the end, Buckingham Palace introduced a ban on wearing royal jewelry for the Duchess of Sussex - to maintain order, hierarchy and supremacy.

Maybe Prince Harry didn’t have to say from the very beginning that Megan could get absolutely anything he wanted? ( These are the instructions the staff received from the Duke of Sussex after his wedding ). They say this phrase did not like Elizabeth II.

The ban means that Prince Harry’s wife will not be able to wear Windsor jewelry at formal events, including the banjo tiara in which she was at her own wedding. Now the Duchess of Sussex will be forced to wear only personal jewelry at official ceremonies. However, as the insider said, the situation may still change.

Interesting! Brides at a royal wedding in England before Meghan Markle wore tiaras of their home. For example, Princess Diana got married in the Spencer family tiara. That is the tradition. But Megan had nothing of the kind. They say she wanted to wear a tiara with emeralds at the wedding, but Princess Eugenia eventually got her. And Miss Markle put on another tiara of the Windsor house - the banjo. She was ordered by Maria Tekskaya, the grandmother of Elizabeth II, almost a century ago.

What is Megan Markle punished for? Scandal Details

According to insiders, Her Majesty remained unsatisfied with the fact that a few months before today's events, the Duchess of Sussex insisted on taking a diamond diadem from the royal collection on an official trip to Fiji .

The story ended with the intervention of Prince Charles, who gently chided the daughter-in-law that such expensive jewelry should not be worn in a poor country.

What about other royal people?

At the same time, the eldest daughter-in-law of Prince Charles - the wife of Prince William Kate Middleton has unlimited access to the treasury of the Windsor . She repeatedly appeared in the royal house’s precious jewelery at official events. For example, quite often Kate puts on the pearl "Cambridge" tiara, which Princess Diana loved very much.