Do-it-yourself firewood carrying bag

Very soon, the season of frequent trips to the country will begin and an excellent replenishment of summer cottages will be a bag designed to carry firewood, which is easy to make at home for every needlewoman. Every lover of stove heating, and just going to the bath will appreciate such a small but nice gift made by yourself. In this article, you will learn in detail how to create a bag for firewood - a pleasant and useful country tool.

Pattern bags for firewood

The fabric for creating such an interesting device is best taken as strong as possible. Good options might be:

  • Suede;
  • Gabardine;
  • Canvas
  • Cordura
  • Oxford;
  • Twill and others.

To create a pattern, it is necessary to cut a rectangle measuring 35 x 30 centimeters from dense fabric, which will serve as the main part of the structure and another 4 rectangles of approximately 10 x 12 centimeters for pens. Dimensions are averaged and may vary due to the required size of the bag.

Reference! You can also sew the option as in the figure, it is more durable, but it does not look as impressive as the first.

To create its pattern, it is necessary to cut a long rectangle cut at the corners, as shown in the figure, and two small strips of fabric, which must be sewn as pens to the main part in the future.

How to make a bag for carrying firewood

You will need:

  • Cut out bag pattern;
  • Two sticks, equal in length to the length of the main part of the fabric;
  • Accessories for sewing.

Process of creation:

  • From each edge of the main part of the pattern, it is necessary to sew, previously folded in half, fabric for pens;
  • Pass the sticks into the created loops and hem them for structural strength.

Bag for carrying firewood is ready!

Other transport options for firewood:

  • Metal. This option can be bought in many stores. You have to pay well, but such a design usually not only looks beautiful, but will last a very long time. If you have a welding machine and the necessary materials, you can do this kind of transportation yourself. But it is better to be careful with welding.
  • Wicker. People who are fond of weaving will be able to make such a carry and it looks pretty enough. Well, for those who have not been engaged in weaving, you can buy it or try it yourself, because weaving is a very exciting activity. Wheels are often added to this option, and it turns out a universal carrying or a very convenient type of transportation of firewood.
  • Wooden. Like the previous options, the wooden model looks very beautiful and fits into many styles of country houses. Such carrying can also be found in stores, but it is better to do it yourself or ask someone you know, because its simple option is not difficult to do with your own hands.

The summer season will soon delight many city dwellers and a bag for carrying firewood is perfect for song lovers with a guitar by the fire, barbecue or a simple bathhouse. The main thing is that everyone can do it, and there are a lot of benefits from it.