Do-it-yourself costume

The image of Lesha is well known to children in Russian fairy tales. In the children's view, this is a kind and bizarre old man who lives in a deep forest and keeps order in his possession. The old little forest man is completely kindly. He is a kind wizard who often helps lost travelers and loves children very much. The old wizard sometimes is not averse to fooling around like a child, and a little ruffian. Therefore, children are happy to dress up in the costume of this fun and cunning hero on New Year's matinees.

How to sew a Lesha costume with your own hands

It’s not difficult to sew a New Year’s costume for a devil with your own hands. Moreover, if you do not know how to cut and sew, then this is just the case when inability to help bring your hero’s clothes to the original as close as possible. Indeed, in the wardrobe of the devil there have never been fashionable and elegant things.

Costume base

Let's start with a shirt and pants.

Pants are easier. In order not to bother, you can take the old faded pants of the child, from which he had already grown, it is better if they are short. Sew an expressive patch on your knee, you can make a hole on the second knee. In this case, sew a bright flap on the back of the hole to emphasize it and make it especially noticeable.

Let's move on to the shirt. The ideal option is to sew it from burlap, preferably from an old bag (the shirt will be softer). In any case, stretch it well beforehand. If this is a bag, make a cut in it under the head and put the bag on the child. It will become clear to you in which place to make slits for the hands and how to cut the contour under the shirt. The remaining parts will go to the sleeves. The resulting cut is easy to sew.

The edges of the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt try to swing well.

Advice! If there is no burlap, you can take the old shirt, sheet, tablecloth as a basis.

There are many options.

Getting down to the details

When the shirt is ready, also sew a couple of patches on it and make several holes in the same way. Sew a large pocket, for which - more on that below.

Tip . Pieces of fur sewn in different places of the shirt will look very expressive.

A thick rope is suitable as a belt, but in a pinch, linen is also suitable.


Lesha's hat can be made of cardboard and pasted over or sheathed with a bast (bast) from a gutted lime brush. They are sold in all hardware stores. From the same bast, sewing bundles to a wide elastic band, we make a beard.


We’ll shoe in bast shoes . For this, we also need the remains of the urine brush. Take baby slippers (not slippers) and carefully sew them in circles around the bunches of bast . As windings, you can use an ordinary bandage.


Old gloves will complement well the New Year’s costume. It is desirable that they be of different colors. As an option - you can turn one glove inside out. The fingers of the gloves can be trimmed and made a fringe.


The simplest element of the costume is the goof staff. It is better to make it from a maple branch. Saw off a suitable specimen somewhere in an abandoned wasteland and bring it home. After the branch thaws, you can easily remove the bark from it. The magic staff is ready!

Image creation

Costume decoration

Goblin sleeps under a bush and does not pay much attention to his wardrobe . And therefore, our clothes should be faulty.

Despite the winter, bunches of grass and dry leaves of trees are easy to find in December. Grab them with a few stitches on your pants, shirt, hat and winding New Year's costume. You can also sew on the needles and small twigs of pine or Christmas trees .

If you have dry mushrooms in stock, try to find a hat or a piece of a hat and a spine and sew them to the hat. It will be decorated with pine or fir cones .


Goblin does not like to wash. Therefore, to complete the image, it is better if the child is a little grubby. To do this, you can use this method. Take a porcelain or ceramic cup, hold its bottom for a few seconds above the flame of a match or lighter. The soot formed on the bottom, and will be a "cosmetic tool" goblin . Do not worry, it is completely harmless and is easily washed off.

Do not forget about the goodies!

Goblin is a wonderful, mischievous and very kind old man. And of course, he cannot come to a holiday without goodies. Remember we sewn a big pocket to the shirt? So, in it we will place the gifts. Dried fruits, nuts, if there are dried berries, are suitable as gifts. The child will be able to generously treat the children and adults with forest gifts at the festival.

If you have time, you can also sew a large rag bag with a shoulder strap over your shoulder. With a fastener from a big button. The child will add prizes to the bag that he will win in competitions and sweets.

Have a happy holiday!