DIY shoe bag

For interchangeable shoes, it is important for the student to have a bag (backpack or bag). You can choose a couple of options from the store. In fact, this product does not take so much time, if you do it yourself. It attracts masters - it's a free choice. You can find a variety of motifs in the fabric store, and use fashion prints in your new product. Further, everything about what may be required in the work and on a specific model. Even someone who has recently begun to learn the basics of sewing will cope.

How to sew a bag for replaceable shoes with your own hands?

To complete the bag (bag or backpack) you will need to go through several stages. Make blanks for all materials and tools that the model requires.

Taking measurements from shoes

And then begins the phase of taking measurements. It is necessary to measure the shoes themselves, and even with a margin so that the shift does come in, and fits comfortably in the bag. Think about the presence of pockets, their shape, it is possible from contrasting fabric.

After that, you can cut out special patterns on the material in size. But no less responsible stages of assembly and sewing of the product.

Necessary materials and tools

What will be required for work? Fabric scissors and needles with thread? In fact, this will not be enough. Since masters always want to bring a thing closer to an ideal and make it look like it is on a shelf in a store. And this is helped by special accessories for handbags. For example, a tightening rubber band, which is also desirable to purchase in a store. It will take either a tight tape or special brackets to thread the laces.

Edges of work are better to process with a special tape for fabric, but not a simple overlay . So the thing will look spectacular, and the seams will not diverge.

Using one very nice product as an example, let's try to figure out all the necessary things for work:

  • the fabric is plump, cloak (you can use taslan) with a width of 150 cm, you need to take 0.8 m;
  • thin raincoat fabric (duspu can be used) 0.1 m;
  • sling 2.5 - 3 cm wide. about 15 cm;
  • cord for straps (approximately 3.5 m);
  • fringing tape (this is a special ribbon for processing the edges of the material) up to 1 meter with a width of 20 mm;
  • felt-tip pen that will disappear or special chalk, ruler, thread, pins and scissors.

Colored backpack bag for school interchangeable shoes

Work stages


Based on the required shoe sizes, it is necessary to cut the fabric. Painting begins with a thicker fabric. It will be used for the basics. It is necessary to cut a rectangle with sides of 80 by 35 cm. Then from a thinner cut two rectangles of 35 by 9 cm.


First process the edges of the bag for the base and the upper part of the cover. For the sides of the base use a fringing tape. Sew rectangular pockets for lace to the base . In the middle of the base (this will be the future bottom), distribute short ribbons for the shoelaces, making small loops.


You can make stitches, pre-chipping the side with pins. All that remains is to insert the laces and the product is ready.

It’s so easy and simple to make a bright bag for interchangeable school shoes.

Sizes are suitable for both children's shoes and adult models. And all the work will take no more than 2 hours.

Decorations for backpack bags

You can take a cloth of different colors, come up with colored pockets, zippers, etc. Look in advance for thermal stickers and other decor bags for interchangeable shoes.

On monophonic bags (backpacks) various embroideries, appliqués from bright fabric or thermal stickers look spectacular.