DIY mannequin stand

Mannequins are actively used in various fields of activity. They are necessary not only for those involved in sewing clothes. Actively used in trade, demonstrating the available product. For whatever you need them, you can not purchase them in the store, but do it yourself.

An important part of any dummy is considered a stand. Thanks to her, he will remain stable, it will be more convenient for you to try on clothes and stuff. They differ mainly because of the materials used for this.

Making a stand

When you have made your mannequin, or rather its upper part, set it aside and work on the lower one. The stand is made quite simply. Usually available tools are used. It can be done in the following ways:

  • make a cross, the same as in the Christmas trees. At a hardware store, buy a shovel handle. Take an unnecessary hanger and cut off the hook from it. Now all these parts should simply be combined into a single whole. That is, insert the stalk into the cross. Be sure to fix each element well so that the stand does not fall apart and is stronger. The crosspiece can be replaced with ordinary plywood. A hole is made in it, and a stalk is fixed in it;
  • You can only use the shoulders and pipe to create support. If it turns out that the shoulders are too big, first saw off all the excess. Next, their edges should be stuck with a tape a piece of foam. You can adjust the height of the mannequin by adjusting the shoulders and the pipe;
  • An excellent option for the stand is the leg from the office chair. Not only can it be rotated, but it is also quite stable. It is better if the diameter of the legs matches the size of the pipe, otherwise you will have to seal the joint. To adjust the height, you should measure your height. Start doing this from the seventh cervical vertebra to the bottom. From the data obtained, the height of the leg to the mark is subtracted, where it connects to the base of the pipe. It is this difference that you should postpone on a mannequin starting from the seventh vertebra. If excess remains from the pipe, cut it off.

You will need a minimum of time and available materials. It is best to choose the leg of an office chair for this, which is most suitable for a stand. First of all, the reliability of the structure is of importance. For the convenience of fitting, the dummy should be stable.