DIY Little Red Riding Hood costume

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most beloved and recognizable heroines of fairy tales. Her adventures in the forest with a wolf - became cult, legendary (in its understanding of the word). If you are faced with the task of wearing a suit, then why not opt ​​for a little red riding hood costume? The Little Red Riding Hood costume can be sewn easily and effortlessly!

Features of the costume of the Little Red Riding Hood and what it will take

Little Red Riding Hood is a young girl, with a big red hat - her distinguishing feature. The basket with pies complements the image, which she should have (according to the plot of the fairy tale) be taken to her grandmother on the outskirts of the forest.

The features can also include the fact that, usually, the actions of a fairy tale occur in the summer. This season of the year implies that the girl has light clothing (dress, stockings, light T-shirt and others). However, if the weather on the street is rampant - it is better to put on a suit with a “red winter hat” - the image will not suffer and will not lose its uniqueness.

To create the image of the “Little Red Riding Hood” at home, you will need:

  1. Female apron. The older it looks, the better - the actions of the tale take place in medieval times. A more vintage look will only be a “plus” to the entire costume. You can use decorative flattering weeds (burrs and others), - an imitation of the difficult flattering paths through which the heroine of a fairy tale had to make her way;
  2. Bonnet. The cap can be replaced with an ordinary hood from the cape. Prerequisite: the top of the head should be red;
  3. Skirt. It is preferable to wear a skirt of red or dark tones of red - this will harmonize the overall appearance;
  4. Corset. This item of clothing is worn as desired. At the same time, he will add authenticity and completeness to the image.

Important! If you have the opportunity to use a large wicker basket, use it! Please note that the basket - may be inconvenient during the "operation" of the suit. Also, it may get lost - you should consider this!

How to make a Little Red Riding Hood costume with your own hands

In order to make an image of a “little red riding hood” from any image, you will need to make a red cloak.

You can sew it from the following materials:

  • Thin felt;
  • Velours;
  • Silk;
  • Fleur.

The cloak can be made according to the already finished wardrobe thing. Just take its dimensions and copy, which saves you from having to adjust the thing to size and length (height).

If the season allows, you can simply sew red decorative elements on the finished cloak, which will make the cloak the appropriate color and suitable for the image. Please note that additional patches make the cloak warmer.

We make a red cloak:

  1. Sew all the edges to make them impossible to cross-section. Next, you need to throw a cloth on a person and with pins, carefully shape the future cape;
  2. Sew the excess fabric and, if desired, can add pockets and a place under the belt;
  3. Focus on the hood. Even if the image implies that you are already wearing a red hat, make a hood. It is simple and will look just fine. To do this, carefully sew the edges of the hood with decorative threads, given the circumference of the head.

Accessories and details to complement the look

If you want to make the image of the “Little Red Riding Hood” as realistic as possible, you can use the imitation of pies in a basket.

Make them simple. Take finely ball-shaped polystyrene foam and cut cubes of size 6 by 10 by 3. This size can visually resemble the shape of ordinary pies, only it will be easier to handle: they have no smells irritating to someone and it is impossible to get dirty with them.

Paint the foam cubes with regular acrylic paint, felt-tip pens or gouache. It is better to use a palette of colors from light yellow to its dark shades.

Use dark shades from above, which can resemble the effect of burning pies in the oven. To simulate fruit in pies, you can use both polystyrene and real fruits.

“Pies” can be conveniently glued into a common props and covered with baskets to the bottom, which will allow you not to be afraid to lose them, and will make you mobile, and your movements - with laid-back movements.

Reference! If you want to add mysticism to the image of the “Little Red Riding Hood”, use special lenses for the eyes. With their help, your look will become truly fabulous and magical, or, conversely, will add notes of aggressiveness and unpredictability. Such lenses can add personality to the image and make it unforgettable for others!

To enhance the effect, use different lenses or change their campaign activities. For example, the left eye is a blue lens, and the right eye is red. After half the holiday (event), change into a lens. This can be done in the bathroom or in a "calm" place where no one should hurt you during this process.

A manicure is best done in white or red. Do not let go of long nails - this reduces the effect of the image and modernizes it. This also applies to shoes - do not wear long-heeled shoes or high boots. Give preference to shoes or shoes.

A brooch in the form of flattering insects (butterfly, dragonfly and others) is an excellent solution that adds grace and elegance to any girl, regardless of her image.