DIY clutch

Among all the varieties of handbags, a place of honor is reserved for a miniature handbag - a clutch. They are everyday - made of leather or suede, mostly square or rectangular. In addition to the everyday option, there is a more popular clutch model - evening, which is made from solid, dense materials, wool and cotton. Such handbags are decorated with beads, rhinestones, sequins, beads and other decorative elements.

DIY clutch

Every woman will agree that there are never many handbags. For each outfit, you need to choose a bag, but not every girl can afford to buy a bag for each bow. That is why we recommend that you learn how to make clutches and bags yourself, and we will help you with this. Do not be afraid, because making a clutch does not take much time, and even a beginner needlewoman can cope with such a task.

Recently, more and more relevant clutches from textiles. Bags decorated with bows and flowers look very nice - a suitable option for a summer walk around the city. Decorate bags and embroideries and buttons and than your heart desires. Sometimes on a miniature bag such a decor that it is simply impossible to take your eyes off.

If your wardrobe has a big bag that is already out of fashion, you can give it a second life. A completely irrelevant little thing can be transformed beyond recognition.

  • First, you need to flog all the seams.
  • For sewing a clutch, you can use the most primitive pattern, where the rectangle is conditionally divided into three parts - the front, back and side.

From the old bag you need to cut out details for sewing a new clutch. Great if you already have experience in cutting and sewing. But, even if you are holding a pair of scissors and a needle in your hands for the first time, you should not panic, just be as careful as possible and you will succeed.

  • After all the details for the new product are cut, go to the lining.
  • After we begin to sew the details of the future clutch. Parts are folded on the front side and stitched on three sides. Then a handle is sewn, if provided by the model and a clasp.
  • The valve can be closed using a regular or magnetic button at your discretion.
  • After that, it is necessary to iron the product slightly and iron the seams, if it is made of textile material.
  • To strengthen the seams, you can use glue.

Bow clutch

A bow clutch is a great addition to your look. It looks much more feminine and gentle than an envelope or man purse. Such an accessory will be a great addition to both the evening and everyday look. You can take it with you to the theater, for a walk in the city or for a romantic date. You can make it from almost any material that is at your fingertips - jeans, leather, velor, satin, suede.

The bow on the handbag can be either small or covering the product itself. Think in advance how the bag will be closed, but the lock is the most convenient option. You can decorate the finished product with buttons, sequins, lace and other decorative elements to your liking.

The most fashionable types of clutch

Designers offer a huge number of different clutches that differ in shape, texture and color. Each fashionista will be able to choose the right option for herself.

  • Clutch perfume is a decorative transparent man purse that resembles the shape of a bottle of branded perfume. Recently, it is very popular. This variety of handbags has already managed to take a leading position among young people around the world.

  • Clutch box - a solid, square handbag that looks a bit like a chest and will be a great addition to the evening look.

  • A clutch-shell is a small bag in the shape of a shell, which is abundantly sprinkled with sequins and sequins. A great option for an evening outfit.

  • Clutch - an envelope. A small rectangular bag that will be a great option for an office bow. It fits well with a classic jacket, sheath dress, emphasizes the elegance of the owner.

  • A man purse is another kind of mini handbag that will be a great option for going to work.

  • A round handbag with a long shoulder strap is a great option for modern fashionistas. This model looks very feminine and stylish in red, black, white.

How to sew a leather clutch with your own hands

How to sew a stylish clutch made of genuine leather with your own hands? Today we will help you make a leather clutch at home. Most likely, each girl has a handbag that will no longer be used for its intended purpose. Why not give her a second life? Today we will make a clutch envelope. Similarly, you can live a small bag of felt, felt or other dense material.

For work it is necessary:

  • old leather or felt bag;
  • scissors;
  • carbine;
  • hole puncher;
  • durable threads for sewing leather products;
  • Ruler and pencil;
  • magnet button or regular button.
  1. Spread the skin face down. After that, we mark on the fabric such a rectangle as the size of the product itself.
  2. The rectangle must be drawn with a lid, which will be used to close the bag with a fastener.
  3. The second rectangle must be cut without a cover. After that, we fold the two parts with their faces facing each other.
  4. Using an awl, we make holes for the future seam at a distance of 3 cm from the edge. It is necessary to walk with an awl from all sides, where the seams should be.
  5. We sew the product along pre-prepared holes.
  6. After the whole product is sewn, we fix the thread from the inside, as shown in the picture.
  7. We flash the product again. Now our bag will definitely not tear.
  8. We cut out a small strip, and with the help of a half ring we fasten to our product. We sew with threads.

How to make a clutch pattern

In order to make a clutch at home, we recommend that you use a paper pattern . Dimensions are already provided here, taking into account the seam allowance.

The same pattern is necessary in order to cut out all the details of the bag - the upper fabric, lining and synthetic winterizer.

The front parts of the handbag are glued with non-woven. Then they are sewn with synthetic winterizer parts. After that, the edges of the seal are cut off by 1 cm. The wrong side is sewn.

Then the seams are made. The place where the fastener will be fastened must be flashed twice. Then the handbag will not tear at the fastener and will serve you for a long time. After that, we proceed to fixing the fastener itself.

You can complement a small handbag with a flower, which is done very quickly.

  • First you need to carve out a strip of 1 m long and 10 cm wide.
  • Folds in half and sewn, but do not forget to leave an allowance through which you can cut the product.
  • After this, we proceed to the formation of the petals.
  • The flower will be a great addition to the fastener.

How to decorate a clutch

When sewing handbags came to an end, you can think about the decor. There are several ways to decorate a clutch:

  • decoration with rhinestones;

  • metal chains of silver or gilded color;

  • leather tassels;

  • using a brooch;

  • embroidery;

  • sewn applique;

  • buttons;

  • sequins, beads, sparkles;

  • ribbons; knitted flowers;

  • lace, guipure and other fabrics.

Useful tips for making a do-it-yourself clutch bag

  1. Before you start making a clutch with your own hands, you need to familiarize yourself with some unspoken laws of fashion trends: if you decide to sew a clutch for going to work, then it should be made in a classic style, the color should be more neutral, but the evening clutch may be additional decor elements and a brighter color.
  2. Clutches for the summer and winter are also different. For example, for the winter period, it is worth getting a small bag from a denser material - drap, leather, fur. For the summer version, they are well suited - silk, chiffon, knitwear, velor and others.
  3. Take into account the moment that the handbag should be in harmony with your outfit and the image as a whole. And also do not confuse a clutch bag with a wallet, they have completely different purposes. The clutch should be quite roomy to calmly replace you with a full bag.
  4. One of the advantages of a clutch is its cost, because it costs several times cheaper than a regular bag. If you make it yourself, you can significantly save the family budget. In addition, you can not even buy materials, but make a brand new small-sized handbag from what you have. For example, you can sew a clutch from an old bag, jeans, a leather jacket.
  5. If you want to sew a clutch for going to the club, then you can decorate it with feathers. You can even find pre-made brooches with feathers in the store, so you don’t even need to show imagination about how to sew them.
  6. You can sew a clutch without side inserts, its production will take even less time, and the form will resemble an envelope. Everything is done in exactly the same way as described above, only the front and back are lined up without a side.
  7. Take care in advance of the fastener, which will not only securely bark, but also decorate the new clutch.
  8. It is necessary to stitch and glue the product from the wrong side, so that the front side looks beautiful.