DIY bag bag, pattern

Bag-bag firmly entered into the fashion of fashionistas around the world. She is always in trend, comfortable in any season. Depending on what material the bag is made of, it can be used in a business style. And also with a beach, evening or sports suit option.

Such a practical and roomy wardrobe item will definitely not be superfluous. Moreover, you can not overpay for it, if you sew with your own hands. Even if you never worked on a sewing machine and did not hold a needle in your hands, you can easily create your own exclusive bag if you wish. And to understand the principle of its manufacture, it is better to start with a simple, but no less interesting option.

We will tell you how to sew such a bag.

What will be needed for work

You should visit the nearest sewing store in advance and purchase all the materials and tools necessary for the job.

TIP! Immediately before starting work, lay them out as conveniently as possible for yourself. Then during the creative process you will not have to be distracted by unpleasant trifles. For example, searching for pins or threads of a suitable color.

What material can be used

For a simple bag for every day, you need to choose a simple and wearable material . It can be denim, cotton, velveteen or waterproof raincoat fabric . They are not picky in care, have high wear resistance. Therefore, they will retain a presentable appearance for a long time even with daily use. Design and colors you can choose yourself.

IMPORTANT! Analyze your wardrobe in advance and choose the color of the fabric for the clothes with which you will often combine this accessory.

Other materials and tools

Having decided on the main material, prepare other necessary materials according to the list.

  • Lining fabric.
  • Paper or cardboard for the pattern.
  • Threads in fabric color.
  • Sewing needle.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Pins
  • Pencil or chalk.
  • Accessories for a decor.

How to make a pattern

  • The easiest option for making a bag-bag with your own hands is to create a rectangular bag without a lining. Two rectangular pieces of the desired size are stitched together. Pens are attached to them.

  • And if you want something more interesting, then you can take a ready-made pattern as a basis. It can be printed and cut in advance. And you can draw it yourself on paper, changing and adjusting the sizes for yourself, observing the original proportions. For more convenient use, the pattern is recommended to be done on thick cardboard . So it is easier to use when cutting fabric. And you can use it repeatedly to create future masterpieces. Options for patterns for creating a do-it-yourself bag-bag can be selected from the following examples.

Step-by-step sewing instructions

  • Transfer the pattern to the material. This can be done with a chalk, pencil or a simple bar of soap. The main thing is that you can easily erase the trace without harm to the fabric .

IMPORTANT! Do not forget that the finished product will be slightly less due to the cost of material on the seams. Therefore, if the exact size of the finished bag is important, then allowances of 1.5–2 cm should be made.

  • Using the sharp scissors, we cut out the basis of the future bag according to the marked markings.
  • We also make a blank from the lining fabric and cut it out. This will be the inside of our bag. Therefore, it should be slightly less external.
  • Fold the front part of the bag base. Dock the edges according to the selected pattern . For convenience, you can fasten the material with pins or manually lay a loose stitch.
  • We do a neat line on the sewing machine . We pull out the pins or the thread of the fastening line and turn it on the front side.
  • Repeat the steps with the inside of the bag : fold, fasten, stitch.
  • If the handles for the bag are sewn on their own, then we cut out rectangular fabric strips of fabric about 30 cm long or about 7 cm wide from the fabric. Fold along, sew and twist.

IMPORTANT! You can use ready-made options for bag handles: thick cord, chain, ribbons, braid or pigtail made of fabric.

  • Insert the lining fabric into the blank face up. We mark the places of attachment of the handles.
  • We fasten the lining fabric with pins to the main fabric, bending inward and grabbing the bottom of the handles. Then we sew them in a circle.

Before the first publication, it is recommended, if necessary, to wash the finished product in order to get rid of traces of chalk. Dry the bag well on a horizontal surface, pass through wet gauze.

Bag options

Evening handbags, bags, it is very beneficial to decorate your image at any meeting. It is important to choose the right fabric to suit the look so that the bow looks harmonious and is complete. You can use all the same patterns, or fantasize over the form. But the handbag should be small and elegant to be in place and not to distract too much attention.

If you sew a bag of leather or leatherette, then it can be used for going to work . After all, such bags are very roomy and comfortable in daily use.

And correctly choosing the material and decoration, you can harmoniously fit it into your everyday style. For decor, you can embroider a pattern with sequins, ribbons, beads or floss. And at the same time, diversify your wardrobe with an author's thing.