Dirty sneakers: not sloppy, but a new trend

Most of us have learned since childhood that shoes should be perfectly clean. It is necessary to look after her. So our parents taught us. But now you can forget about it, because with the supply of fashion brands, sneakers with the effect of scuffing and a layer of dust have become popular.

Dirty shoes are a new trend ?!

The whole history of dirty sneakers and sneakers began with the Golden Goose brand. Every year they develop new and new models that look more and more old and shabby. In the current season, Golden Goose released sneakers with the effect of glue drops and drips.

Since this effect has been approved by consumers, other manufacturers have embraced the fashion trend. The first to catch the trend were Vetements, Gucci and Balenciaga.

Help ! The essence of this phenomenon is that the designers decided to go “from the contrary.” Indeed, for many, white sneakers have become a kind of cult subject. They were taken out of the box, cleaned after each walk, they tried to save as much as possible and not get dirty. Therefore, the designers thus decided to ridicule this pedantry in relation to white shoes.

This idea came to the mind of Edi Slimane, who in 2016 at a fashion show dressed his fashion models in fashionable items, complemented by dirty sneakers. More precisely, they were not dirty, but artificially contaminated. But at that time they did not receive the due attention of the public. And only a year later, when Golden Goose offered to buy “old” sneakers with scuffs, holes and soiled laces for $ 600, did the public realize that this was a new trend.

And then it went and went.

More and more fashion houses have joined this trend.

Important ! This new trend for old-school items has shifted from shoes to jeans. After all, modern fashion is so far from various prejudices that it will tolerate any innovation. And he can turn it into a modern trend.

Who already produces fashionable "dirty" sneakers

The first who decided to play not only with style, color, material and shape, but also with cleanliness, was the fashion brand Golden Goose. It was they who three years ago for the first time tried to make this a cult. This did not happen right away, but only after a year. At first, their white sneakers with the effect of wear were perceived indifferently at first. But the re-presentation made a splash.

The second was Saint Laurent. In the spring of 2016, their models walked the catwalk in white sneakers with shabby and dirty laces. And on the shoe itself there were scuffs that made it visually look like a well-worn one.

Just six months later, in 2017, Demna Gvasaliya also shod his models in old-school white sneakers. This Georgian-born fashion designer created his own brand Vetements, and also creates collections as the creative director of the Balenciaga house. His clothes are combined with peculiar shoes in one and the other brand. His sneakers seem to have gone through a meat grinder.

Following the creative fashion director, the trend for wrack these sneackers was picked up by John Galliano, who led the fashion house Martin Margiela.

In 2018, Alexander Michele, representing the Gucci brand, also included dirty shoes in his show. And he combined it with the most unusual things - a classic shirt, a laurel golden wreath and short shorts with high socks.

Sometimes it seems that the fashion world knows no boundaries. And if it seems that consumers and fashion followers have already seen everything, then designers still manage to surprise and amaze us.