Crocheted Jute Bag

Knitted accessories for a long time and the canvas came into female use. And this is not only socks, scarves, hats and mittens, but also jewelry, as well as handbags. Few people know that making this item with a hook is possible not only from familiar yarn, but also from other alternatives. For example, from jute. This material can be purchased at a hardware store, it is intended for domestic use. Now let's look at the process of creating a crochet bag and the necessary materials.

What you need for knitting a bag

To create any product, the preparatory stage is important. In addition to choosing the model you like, it includes building patterns and purchasing the required materials.

  • Jute rope in sufficient quantity. In order to calculate it, you need to link

    pattern swatch. And with his help on the pattern to make calculations.
  • Hook The size of the tool depends on the desired density. You can pick it up experimentally by completing several samples of different sizes.
  • Blank for pens . It can be either a finished wooden or metal handle, or a rubber or plastic tube. She will subsequently be tied with the main thread. Especially beautiful is the combination of jute and bamboo pens that can be purchased at a needlework store.
  • Locking mechanism : zipper, buttons, portfolio lock and so on.
  • Additional accessories : rings, handle fasteners and other elements.
  • Some models may require yarn .
  • Decorative details . It can be a graceful flower made of leather or yarn, an original keychain or pendant, any item to your taste.

Reference! Decor can be made independently from pieces of leather, beads, beads, sequins or in another way.

Knitting jute bags

It is possible to make an accessory from jute not only for household needs. Despite the roughness of this fiber, wonderful bags are made from it. Consider the manufacture of a detailed example.

To implement you will need:

  • jute;
  • hook;
  • accessories for the handle;
  • lightning;
  • lining fabric.

Reference! For lining, you can use the fabric in tone or use contrasting colors.

Work description

  • Build a pattern on the model. Using the sample as a basis, you can create an object of any size.

  • Run a pattern and make knitting calculations.

  • The elements of the sidewalls and the bottom shall be executed as a single detail with single crochet columns.
  • The back of the knit sc.
  • The front part and valve should be made as follows.
  • Sew the valve to the back.
  • Connect all the elements, tying the edges of the two parts with a “crustacean step”.
  • Open and sew the lining.
  • Sew a lining and install a zipper.
  • For the handle along the lateral edge, run two strips of larger and smaller on both sides.
  • Use a pattern from sc.
  • Install the handle hardware.
  • If desired, the decor in the form of a keychain can be placed on the product.

Accessories created by your own hands will allow you to create a unique image. They can also serve as a wonderful gift for a loved one.