The best models of bags for women for 50

For a fashionable woman, no outfit can do without a beautiful handbag. This accessory can complement even the simplest look in a matter of moments. If you are a little over 50, this is no exception. A well-chosen handbag will help emphasize the attractiveness of this age, and a stylish shape and material will show that you are in trend. About the best models of bags for ladies over 50 - read on in the article.

What to wear at 50? Handbags that you can

First of all, let's figure out which bag models are best suited for different events in life. Remember the main rule - choose modern bags, abandon the retro . A trendy thing always looks better wherever you put it on: at least for work, at least in a restaurant.

On every day

Everyday handbag should not be boring . This does not mean that you need to choose only extravagant models with a bright print. Classics will remain in vogue for many years, so for every day give preference to calm shades, laconic forms, but modern design.

We recommend having at least two bags, which can conditionally be divided into:

  • winter. You will wear it in the cold season. Choose a roomy copy in muted colors, for example, black, gray, brown, blue, burgundy. Such a bag is suitable for almost any outerwear;
  • summertime. It is better to stay on a smaller model so that it looks organically with light clothing. Do not miss the opportunity to wear light or bright shades. When else do you do it, if not in the warm summer.

Most often, winter and summer bags will be different. Of course, the climate in your city should always be considered. Most often, the model for the cold season should be larger so as not to “get lost” among the voluminous things . It is also desirable that it fastens with a tight zipper or valve to prevent snow from entering.

To the celebration

For a festive event or going to the theater, restaurant or concert, a small handbag is perfect. Agree, with a fancy dress or costume, a huge “bag” will look very ridiculous. The best option is a rectangular quilted model with a long Chanel-style chain handle . She will be appropriate to any outfit. Alternatively, consider a clutch bag. Jewelry in the form of rhinestones or embroidery is not forbidden. The main thing is that they look organically combined with other wardrobe items.

If in your life there are not many secular exits, then you should still have a universal small handbag, which can be taken both for a walk and to the theater. Ideally, if it is an elegant model made of leather or suede with high-quality laconic fittings.

Other options

A woman after 50 is no less involved than a 20-year-old woman. Concerns about the household have not gone away. For going to the store, traveling to the country, etc., we recommend that you purchase a shopper bag or a tote bag . The shape of this model is very simple - a rectangle of soft fabric with handles, a kind of advanced string bag. It’s worth forgetting about the last - it adds us years. A shopper bag can be worn either as an independent item, or as a replacement for a plastic shopping bag paired with a regular bag.

Can I wear a backpack?

Most fashion designers believe that wearing a backpack for ladies older than 50 is bad manners. We don’t think so, because modern women wear trendy casual clothes, which perfectly combine a variety of backpacks. We advise:

  • lovers of an active lifestyle, travelers wear a sports backpack with sneakers, a tracksuit;
  • combine a leather backpack with casual items such as jeans, a trench coat, and trendy oxford boots.

Advice! Ladies who prefer only the classic style (trouser, skirt suits, formal dresses, heeled shoes) are advised to give preference to an elegant leather handbag. A backpack in such a kit would look out of place.

Which models are taboo for 50 year olds?

With age, some models of bags look ridiculous on a woman’s shoulder. Discard the bag-bag and its varieties . If on girls she usually looks stylish, then for a 50-year-old she adds a few extra years. In this case, they look like laundry bags, so it’s better to buy a not too big shopper, which was mentioned above.

In general, it is better to bet on fashionable shapes and prints, as retro models are associated with old grandmothers. These include, for example, a traveling bag. If you really like this model, then look for options that are stylized to the present.

Tips for ladies on choosing a bag style

In the end, we give some tips to make your shopping a success:

  • choose a trendy thing - let's leave the “retro” to the girls;
  • give preference to quality materials - so the purchase will serve you more than one season;
  • do not pick up a bag for shoes - this rule has not been valid for a long time. Choose accessories as a whole for your style and colors that prevail in the wardrobe;
  • Pay attention to the jewelry on your purse. Elegant fittings and laconic elements are always in fashion, but models in the form of animals, with thematic applications in 50 years should be abandoned.

Thus, ladies of older and venerable age to choose a fashionable bag is not difficult. Listen to our advice, but always follow your own style. And remember, age is just a number in your passport. Everything else is only in your head!